The Ritual


Creating Moonlite Enriched Water

Place a glass or larger glass container under the light of the moon and fill with pure water. New or Full Moon are ideal times. Leave to enrich with moon beams over night and in the morning the water will be charged. Use for rituals or to cleanse your face for a radiant MoonLit glow.

Note: The following ritual is intended for use with Silent Moon Imaginarium Elixirs, but can be done using any tincture or gemstone essence you may already have on hand.

Silent Moon Imaginarium Elixir Ritual

Create a sacred corner in your home. Acknowledge your existence, your families existence and your ancestors past by placing objects and treasures into the sacred space, treasures that are important to your souls journey.

In the center place a clear glass bowl filled with MoonLite enriched water and place your favourite crystal or flower in the center of the bowl. Hold the chosen Elixir to your heart and with love and truth speak your intention that relates to the Elixirs properties and meaning into the water.

Drop 2 drops of your Elixir into your mouth and 2 drops into the water bowl. Your family may also like to join you to help enhance the intention and the ritual. Sit quietly. Breathe in love and universal support, filling your being with life force. Then breathe out all your cares and worries letting them go back to source to be recycled as light and brought back to you as love.

This ritual may also be performed in moonlight. Once you have completed sit quietly and gaze at the light of the moon. Drink in her love light through your eyes embracing her soothing radiant beams.

‘Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars’ – J RR Tolkien