The Aspects of Woman Trilogy

Acknowledging the female and all her aspects lead to the creation of this MoonLite trilogy. Patiently awaiting solstice energies and propitious flowers, trees and buds to share their whispering stories, these noble elixirs have now boldly emerged full of distinction and grace.

There’s a Jewel-like, regal integrity held in every bottle that offers purity, wisdom and a deeper knowing of self which naturally enhances self-love and compassion.

How to Embrace:

Commit to taking one bottle per month for 3 months in the following order: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Take between 2-4 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day. Drops may also be added to bath water or a space clearing spray to clear unwanted, stagnant energies from around the subtle bodies and auric field, room or building.


‘ Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.’

This cornucopia of spring flowers, pinks and whites leads us innocently to the aspects of our first bottle ‘Maiden’.

During Maiden adventures we touch the most creative and innocent sides of our personality, as a young woman she is responsible for no one but herself, she has no worries. She rules new beginnings and is the aspect of ourselves that we call upon when undertaking any form of new venture. She is the fresh light and life that we see during springtime.

Made during a New moon the sweetness of her elixir sings with self-assurance to her own creative tune.

Healing Benefits:

Peach Blossom Wand – The fruit of immortality expands us into our own truth, fulfillment and beauty. Peach Blossom raises our energy levels so that we can perform our daily tasks and see life from a higher perspective and with greater optimism.

Apple Blossom – Have peace and clarity from unwanted thoughts, doubt elimination and a child-like freshness.

Cherry Blossom – Cheery cherry draws out our lighthearted energies that reside in all of us. Seeing the good in everything and swimming daily on the sea of life: A child like playful innocence.


‘Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life love gives us a fairytale.’

Mother, the giver of life, the selfless nurturer of all. Her image is one of maternity, maturity pregnancy and fertility: Swollen belly and prominent breasts. She nurtures all that requires innovative input from projects to giving birth to new life.

The Mothers energy is dominant at Full Moon, being the patroness of the harvests, summer, re-birthing and bringing new ideas to life. Call this aspect of the Goddess when assistance is required with motherhood, protection of marriage, guidance, the need for inner peace, choices of any kind, spiritual development and intuition.

Healing Benefits:

Willow: Her message is one of ‘breaking down to break through’. She is the overhauler, the excavator, the re-creator.
If we are willing to rise above the lower mind and see the light and shadow side, the Gu-Ru, we can experience a deeper healing on all levels.

  • Building bridges
  • Flexibility when times are tough
  • Softness and a nurturing attitude
  • Cleanses old patterns


‘Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.’

Crone, steeped in wisdom, the knowing one and the bringer of endings. The Crone is often the least understood aspect of the Triple Goddess, she may cause fear because her duty has us facing our deep inner wisdom and death.

In ancient stories the crone was always part of the Underworld and it’s mysticism. The underworld was seen as a place where souls went to rest between incarnations, before returning to the earthly plane. She takes on the role of guide through the final phase of our lives, preparing us for the next level, watching over the souls of the dead while they a wait their rebirth.

The Crone energy can be associated with the Waning Moon, winter and late autumn, we should call on this aspect of the Goddess when we deal with work or emotional relationships that have come to an end, during the menopause, and for rest and connection with inner wisdom.

Healing benefits:

Oak/acorn winter solstice: Her message is one of inner wisdom.

See yourself as an old oak tree full of wisdom, knowledge and life. Plant your roots deep within the core of mother earth and feel her presence beneath you and within you. This elixir works primarily on the core of your inner being, just by looking at the old English oak you can see the gifts she has to bring.

  • Connects you deeper to your inner wisdom
  • Opens you to your intuitive and higher self
  • Gives you a sense of self acceptance
  • Connects you to worlds beyond the earth plane
  • Inner calm and peace

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