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Born from acknowledging my own inner Moon Journey I have noticed that as a woman my cycles haven’t always mirrored the expansion and contraction of the moon. I have noticed that when other woman may have been feeling good (while in the same part of their cycle as me) I was feeling not so good and vice versa, sometimes even opposite to the wax and wane of the moon, I would question this. We are all different, naturally we can’t be restricted and put into little boxes to fit a normality. So I invite you to use your own awareness, creativity and intuition as to what the cycles mean to you. When are your most positive times of expression and when are the times when you feel the need to hide from the world?

The Moon Spirit Cards open you to the natural moon phases while giving you permission to work with your individualised needs as well as the Silent Moon Elixirs that correspond to each phase. This 8 card deck will accompany you with your own distinctive dance and inner rhythm because what you see and feel wont necessarily be what the next person sees and feels and there is a great need to honour such differences.

Bringing opposites together to suit a common purpose allows us to grow and expand ourselves as individuals, to get out of the box that has been holding us hostage for so long. To see the Moon through another’s eyes helps us to grow as beings and of course to help nurture a deeper understanding.

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As The Moon card in the tarot describes that there are many layers in the depths of the unconscious, pay attention to these. Ask the questions:

How do you perceive life and it’s paradoxical ways?

Is life always as it seems?

Do you allow for creativity and imagination?

Do you pay attention to your dreams and their valuable significance in your life?

Do you see your life from different angles? and are you free to explore?

Are you open to the shifting and the changing of the moon without restriction?

‘ It is possible to feel the beauty and the confusion of the moon all in one breath. You are an individual on this journey.’


Whether northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere we all live under the same moon. Create your own vision without restriction.

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Product Description

Healing Benefits

Simple awareness of the moon cycles 

Positive affirmations to help keep positive focus

Brings a deeper awareness of nature and her changes

Helps us understand emotional patterns during a whole moon cycle

Associated flower and gem elixirs to assist with the healing journey

Awareness of your own cycles in association with the moon cycle. Very individual.

A Few Moon facts

The Moon will always show us the same face taking 27.3 days to orbit earth (roughly one calendar month)

The Moon is the clearest celestial object to find in the night sky – When there.

What we see is reflected by the sunlight. How much of it we see depends on the Moons position to the Earth and Sun


5 reviews for Moon Spirit Cards

  1. 5 out of 5


    I use the moon cards on my personal altar space and also with my tarot card practice … I meditate with the card and journal and take your notes about what elixirs to use and use those in my collection that I have for those specific journey … I keep a moon journal and am in the process of year 2 of really going deep in Astrology and Human Design so I feel like all of this is helpful. I feel like it is a Tarot/Oracle card and I use them as a muse for my artwork, sketching, journaling, part of my ongoing moon journal and overall as a place to check in with where I am at and what the energy feels like to me…

    • :

      This is a wonderful testimonial. I didn’t realise that i hadn’t replied. Thank you Jen. Always keen to know how people use the cards creatively.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    First and foremost, these cards are full of two wonderful energies….that of the moon and that of Indra. I am new to recognizing the unique aspects of each phase of the moon, the characteristics of these phases and the elixirs that accompany them so well.
    I carry these in my purse! I have them handy to reference for myself, my friends, my clients. They have been a fabulous way to connect more intimately with nature.
    I really enjoy sharing the quotes from the cards at the end of some of my yoga sessions.

    Thank you so much, Indra.

    Much gratitude,


    • :

      This is wonderful and great to read your expression of how you use your cards xx

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love my moon cards.

    To be honest, when I first got them, I wasn’t sure exactly what they would do for me, but as with everything Silent-Moon, they’re a thing of beauty and they ‘pulled’ me…

    Now I’ve had them a few months, I’m beginning to understand how they work and what a gift they are and I’m SOOO glad I have them.

    Firstly, I’m SOOO much more aware of the cycles of the moon beyond the full and new moon phases – which my monkey mind adores… “Ooh, it’s bud moon!” it says, with a big monkey mind grin. I love that I know that stuff! 😉

    But MORE than that it’s becoming clearer how the other 6 phases transition you through the ebb and flow of creation and release, of in-breath and out-breath. I’ve noticed how this has kept me more in touch with a natural rhythm. My awareness is automatically drawn more to my intentions and releases, and this bit has NOTHING to do with my monkey mind… it’s from the watery aspects of the moon that gets me in touch with the under-currents and tides of my Soul and its longings… And it’s sort of happened by itself since I’ve brought the moon cards into my life.

    The combination of awareness and longing is a deeply powerful thing to bring into your life. It’s easy to dismiss the power of it… after all it’s just a set of cards right? But isn’t it so often the case, that it’s the simple things that bring the most joy and meaning into our lives?

    That combination, in my opinion, is one of the keys to alchemy… connecting the dots between the Divine power of awareness and the longings of the human soul… it’s the sunshine and water that germinates the seeds of those manifestations and transformations that have been laying dormant in your heart… at least that has been my experience… All for 12 quid + P&P…

    Seriously, if you have the slightest pull to get these cards, just do it.

    • :

      wonderful. Thank you Joel for your long testimonial. Alchemy, yes

  4. 5 out of 5


    I’m slowly becoming aware that I really sense a need for anchoring at the minute along this journey of mine into letting go. I really feel a connection to all things nature and the moon seems to be presenting itself to me at the minute! I was a devout Jehovah witness for 30 years and since losing my faith, which was a traumatic experience , anchoring has been a real issue, these cards are gently leading me to the moon as a possibility of one of my new ways forward and I love it. I love indras periscopes too, her very down to earth and real, normal, way has really helped me in an introduction to something I was almost dismissive and suspicious of before. I feel very grateful. Bring it on beautiful Moon xx

    • :

      Her very down to earth and real, normal, way has really helped me in an introduction to something I was almost dismissive and suspicious of before. I feel very grateful. Bring it on beautiful Moon xx

      THANK YOU!!

  5. 5 out of 5


    i am loving using my moon cards, i’ve put together an alter, using meditating, along with a diary, and a flower elixir Dora’s Field, im feeling amazing and i cant remeber the last time i felt this good and positive. thank you so much for everything you do my life is so much better now in only a few weeks.

    • :

      Beautiful. Create your space with love xx

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