SuperMoon Space Cleanser


A space cleanser to support in clearing those sticky stubborn energies from your environment that don’t want to leave without a fight.

Works twice as well with the internal Super Moon Blood Moon environmental elixir.

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This first of my ‘environmental’ space cleansers captures the essence of the recent super blue blood moon eclipse. It helps you let go of those intense and sticky emotions within your environment; bringing you to a clearer, more peaceful and connected sense of peace.

I was deeply guided to create this space cleanser as a key to releasing and letting go of the intense and limiting emotions we may find outside ourselves.  It can take real intense work to do this, and this space cleanser comes as a powerful energetic support to ease the process.

I worked with the super blue blood moon eclipse over a period of three nights. I tuned to the needs of us all as a collective and as individuals. The alchemy was intense and insightful. When working with Source it’s not always easy to put things into words and I have really found that to be the case for me lately.

Blue: The colour of peace that resides within us all. Trust and faith within; in ourselves and with our communications with others. Is there a side of you that has difficulties with authority? This is the flip side of blue. Using pure essential oils of: anise star, yarrow, thyme, chamomile and bay to bring serenity, tranquility and trust. Supports and opens us to guidance and communication.

Red: The colour of our base energy (earth star), our blood flow, our root and our grounded-ness and presence. Questions may arise such as who am I? what is this? This may rock our survival issues particularly those emotions of anger, resentment and frustration, but ultimately put us on more solid ground. Using pure essential oils of: cedar wood, cinnamon, mandarin, nutmeg, clove, sage, carrot and patchouli. Helps with grounded-ness and presence of being. Strengthening and warming and offers courage support and vitality.

Violet: Made from a combination of red and blue. Reconnecting us to our crown (soul star) and higher selves. The need to change, transform and transmute the old. It is a time for revelation. The seeker of truth. This may take us to a place of feeling a deeper loss and the need to come to terms and face our grief, so we can feel freer and clearer to move forward. Using essential oils of: Thyme, myrtle, myrrh, lavender, coriander, carrot seed and camphor. To support with creating stillness, deep relaxation, reassurance. Helps reduce emotional and spiritual pain.

Healing Benefits:

Supports you in

Unsticking the stubborn fears that have held you back in your environment, so you can take those leaps in life with faith in yourself.

Rising and transmuting the old and outdated. Clearing to create space for the new environmental energy.

Earth star connection; aligns and connects you with Gaia, Mother Earth.

A deeper knowing of your environment and what is needed.

Deep cleaning of old memories from your space.


Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, vibration of super moon/blood moon eclipse over three nights. Pure essential oils as metioned above. Made by MoonLite

Environmental space cleansers support change and help us to grow on the deepest of levels. They are created during specific times of the month when an elemental shift is taking place.


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Weight 206 g


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