Star Jasmin (Vortex) Space Cleanser



Star Jasmine (Vortex) Space Cleanser works in a similar way to the star jasmine flower elixir however it is an external offering, where as the elixir is internal. This space mister is for those who feel the need to bring the vortex of ethereal light into there environments. The mister can be sprayed in any environment as well as the aura and as with all Silent Moon misters should be used liberally.


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Product Description

Sunday morning, before the world wakes, my life begins. My favourite time of day, when dews fall, fae smile and the silence is a blessing.

This is the energy of Star Jasmine (Vortex) Mister. She has the ability to create a vortex to balance both the energies of heaven and earth. I advice that when you spray the mister stand bare foot and grounded to the earth and visualise her vortex of light coming up from the earth, to your feet and rising up into the heavens. As the vortex clears your aura watch the detox process as you begin to drop the old, feel lighter, happier and simple. When I say simple I mean less complexed. You will have the ability to feel your energy bodies and be able to connect with yourself beyond being a human vessel. Your experiences will become more profound and you will gain strength through awareness and clarity.

Affirmation:  Star Jasmine, as I mist your essence around me I am aware of your pure ethereal energy working it’s positive magic on my being.’

Healing Benefits

Awareness and clarity that you are beyond this physical form

Ethereal connections

Lightness in your experiences

Strength to be present

Openness to what is

Energy body and environmental detox

More awareness of external surroundings

Spiritual protection



Full Moon Moonlite, Summer Solstice night skies, vibrational energies of star jasmine, pure snow queen vodka (40%) as a preservative, pure essential oils of rose, orange blossom, jasmine, frankincense, ylang ylang and cinnamon




Additional Information

Weight 206 g


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