MoonShadow Space Cleanser


MoonShadow Space Cleanser has been created to assist those taking the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ elixir and ‘MoonShadow elixir’.  A powerful space cleanser to support your external environment.

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Product Description

As MoonShadow was created during a February with NO Full Moon, then across into March which encompasses two Full Moon’s. This is not just a space cleanser that encourages the clearing of deep shadow from your environment. It also gives you the ability to go externally deeper with your life journey.

Imagine walking down ten steps into the darkness, you can’t see a thing but you know you are ready to go, to look and to do the inner work. That is why this month of darkness has been given to us. To give yourself permission to DO the work and really go for it. Un lock old wounds, cut their chords, shout and scream them out. However you choose to release them and throw them into the energies of the light of the Moon (s) to follow. You won’t have to wait long. The full moons follow quickly to shine a light on the new you. The lighter you, the brighter you, the more expansive you.

This also brings with it a sense of peace, calm and self protection to your environment. You feel empowered enough to do this and to stand your own ground. This isn’t to say emotions won’t come but you will be more aware of why and much more stable in them.

The MoonShadow space cleanser encapsulates the energy of all of this.

Healing Benefits:

External shadow purge

Works well with meditation (spray liberally around the room)

When used with intention cuts external chords while feeling like YOU

Deeper connected environment

Un locks old external wounds and lets them go

Environment feels lighter and brighter

Opens you to expansion

Embracing that deeper now lighter daily life.

The more I do this work the harder it becomes to put the experience of the elixirs and space cleansers into words. The effects often feel wordless and very much beyond this body and mind.

Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, Energy of February no full moon into March two full moons over three nights. Pure essential oils to soothe the darkness: Basil, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lavender, Neroli, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang. . Made by MoonLite.

Environmental space cleansers support external change and help us to grow on the deepest of levels. They are created during specific times of the month when an elemental shift is taking place.


Additional Information

Weight 206 g


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