Ionian Olive Space Cleanser


This LIMITED EDITION space cleanser with Ionian olive and waters of mallow elixir was created on the stunning island of Lefkada in Greece and has many aspects to it. I will begin by telling you that this bottle was made over two days and through a night of moon energy and a day of sun energy. The planets mars, venus, jupiter and saturn were visible and I intuitively knew that this time and process was important for bringing in greater balance. The sun mallow waters bring a sense of lightness to the elixir and to your space when sprayed liberally. With added pure and potent essential oils to support in matching the energy of this mister bottle. A good thing when we are dealing with detailed issues……

Product Description

Ionian Olive space cleanser is not only beneficial when the space around you feels physically and mentally exhausted but it also good for letting go of confusion atmospheres, dispelling fraught tension and argumentative energies. Without loosing your sense of self empowerment.

Ionian Olive not only allows you to create flow in your environment but it let’s you see that all situations have a silver lining and a light at the end of the tunnel. Bringing a sense of positivity to those heavier often destructive situations.

Half of the mallow elixir was created with sunlite. Mallow is a flower that supports the digestion and the gut and helps raise the energy. Balancing the deeper moon energies of this elixir along with all the planets that were visibly present at this time.

And as if that wasn’t enough……..

Animal energy was present during the creation of Ionian Olive:

Lizard: Lizard appeared during the beginning of the creation. To see Lizard is a sign of objective detachment. Allowing yourself to step away from a situation with ease and look at it from a distant space.

Moth: Moth is the master of disguise and was present during the creation of the elixir. Moth is a reminder to stop hiding from yourself and asks if you are using your emotions to keep yourself hidden from others.

Spider: Spider appeared at the end of the creation. This is a creative feminine energy that resides in us all male or female. The shadow self and the darker aspects of life and our personality.

Healing Benefits:

Helps clear Confusion issues

Clearing of distraught relationships

Releases tension from your environment when dealing with a variety of fraught situations

Allows you to see the silver lining and light at the end of the tunnel

Brings a greater sense of flow within your chosen environment

Relaxes the space around you

Balances sun and moon energies

Supports in digesting situations cleaning up the energies

Who is this for?

Ionian Olive mister with waters of mallow is here to assist those with a state of confusion and turmoil in their external world. It’s for those who feel the energy around the is stuck without feeling the ability to be able to move forward. When the digestion is in knots and it’s hard to sense the silver lining. When stuck in the mud of a situation that needs balancing and lifting. Works best with Ionian elixir internal drops.


Sun and Moon enhanced pure water, energies of Ionian Olive and waters of Mallow flower, potent and pure healing essential oils. Made over two days by sun and moon energies.

Additional Information

Weight 206 g


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