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The uniqueness of our spirit is only limited by the mind and the obstacles we place before it.

‘In the riddles and the rhymes that we feed our minds we loose the colours of our stories and our souls.’

This mister gives you access to your true creative and grants permission for you to brew in tales of truth.

Celebrated for helping to release head hurts (headaches) and murky mindsets bringing freedom to restrictive thought patterns.

A quality offering for the busy bee, who can’t always see who they really are.

p.s this bottle comes with a forgotten secret…….

May 2018 I changed the formula slightly to add more heady mint. If you liked it before you will love it now.

Color :

Product Description

How to Embrace

Stand or sit with your feet grounded firmly to the earth.
Close your eyes and repeat the following affirmation 3 times (unless of course you want to use your own interpretation).

‘I colour my life with truth. I am who I am.’

As you positively say the words with true intention spray the mister into your auric field, focusing around the head area.
Sit and be still while taking 3 long slow deep breaths.

‘And let your story begin’

Healing Benefits

Access your true creative energy and ideas
Release head tension
Stop mind chatter
Brings freedom to restrictive thought patterns
Releases murky mind sets and ambivalence
Reduced fluctuation and indecision

MoonLite enhanced water, flower water, poppy, citrine and sweet william Silent Moon elixirs pure essential oils of cedarwood, cardamom, patchouli, thyme, cinnamon, orange, tangerine, nutmeg, marjoram, frankincense, myrtle, and myrrh. Much magic and Love.

I create individualised misters for your personal wishes and dreams at £45 per 100ml bottle excluding postage. Email me for more details.

Additional Information

Weight 206 g

4 reviews for Hatters Head Helper

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    HATTER’S HEAD HELPER is my go to for decision making. A spritz and a few deep breaths gets me in just the right head space.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Having a 7 year history of migraines, twice per month, some lasting 5 days, I have tried many things. My system goes into this “pain-place” due to hormone imbalances and some organ toxicity so I am working diligently to clear these issues. Along with my other protocols, which have given me very limited success, I tried Hatter’s Head Helper in a roll on, and found great support. During my “migraine zone”, I carry this elixir on me, which is enough in itself much of the time. If not, I roll it on stressed pain areas of my neck and head. Since I have had the Hatters Head Helper, (3 mos) I have not gone into an extreme migraine, whereas usually I have 1-2 per month. Instead, the migraines are now headaches and about 70% of the time I don’t have any pain at all. This is my go to aide for what used to keep me down for two weeks out of the month. Huge success with this roll on. Such a gift for myself and my family.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I LOVE this mister – instantly makes me feel calm and aligned with my true self and able to see my next ‘right action’ clearly, helping me to be more creative and authentic in my message. It smells gorgeous and a few spritz combined with 3 deep breaths will have you feeling amazing straight away. Thank you Indra for always creating such beautiful, healing products. <3

    • :

      Wonderful. Thank you Louise. I too love this combo. (The ‘prayers in a bottle’ as someone described my misters) it certainly helps clear the head space. I always use it before and after my Yoga classes.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    THE BEST MISTER EVER! Always fixes my headiness, emotionally and physically. My go-to whenever I feel overwhelmed by thoughts and sense a headache or migraine coming on. I love using the suggested intention combined with the deep breaths when spraying it around me, in my hair and on my scalp and it certainly helps me to feel present, centred and balanced. A truly wonderful product which also just happens to smell divine! xxx

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