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Faerie Portal Space Cleanser is slightly different from all the other misters, not only is it filled with selected blends of essential oils and Silent Moon Faerie Portal elixir but I steep each offering in a mixed blend of lavender, cedar wood, sage, pine, rosemary as well as many more secret treasures and then I leave over night during moonlite hours before blending and creating your bottle of love.

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This space cleanser is ideal for clearing the way when guilt may have played a role in your life. The oils I have used to prepare this offering are extremely earthy and grounding and they connect you deeply to the planet earth, to the now as well as leading you on the faerie path of your desires. Your true nature.

When you feel you are easily lead by others words and actions and you have difficulty standing your true authentic ground without upsetting other people then faerie portal can assist you and guide you through and into a positive process.

Affirmation:‘ Nature guide my way, I honour your love and abundance this day.’

Healing Benefits

Gives you the ability to listen to you and honour your needs

Deeper connection with nature

Help with clearing your aura and environment of guilt


Inspires your truth and authenticity

Harmonious environment



Lavender flowers, cedar wood, rosemary, pine and sage steeped in moonwater of the moon phase. Snow Queen organic vodka (40%) as a preservative, faerie portal flower elixir (also available to purchase as a separate 30ml bottle) and a combination of cedar wood, lavender, rosemary, pine and sage pure essential oils to support with enhancing your healing journey.

Not to be used during pregnancy or on children under 3 years


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Weight 206 g

2 reviews for Faerie Portal Space Cleanser

  1. 5 out of 5


    To my parents’ house for summer holidays, it’s not always easy to manage relationship and arguments with them ( parents) ….. But I brought with me here from Rome where I live, my FAERIE bottle….. So me – and my she.cat ! are not touched by outer negativity , because our rooms are filled with these divine faerie essences…. In the whole world there can’t exist a more blissful smell, and it gives me ( us ) profound peace and happiness 🙂 Thank you Indra!

    • :

      wow what a testimonial and beautiful english thank you and so glad it helped. xx

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I instinctively knew that Faerie Portal Space Cleanser was for me, not only for her healing qualities but also her ingredients – her smell is absolutely divine!!! I had already taken some of Indra’s elixirs before but never used any of her space cleansers. I knew I had to use her in combination with Faerie Portal Elixir. I used the space cleanser predominantly as a body spray liberally applying it to my upper body, shoulders, head, neck and scalp. Initially I felt a deep sense of being more deeply connected to the earth, to nature. I hold a lot of emotion as tension and pain in my left shoulder and neck and using the space cleanser on those areas helped to release it. It gave me a sense of groundedness, security and stability and has facilitated the ability to deepen my self-awareness and let go. In fact, nearing the end of the bottle I had a very profound experience which massively helped me to let go of a lot of anger and guilt that I was holding on to. I also have a deeper trust, a deeper knowing, a deeper connection to my intuition, and a much deeper desire to connect with nature particularly woodland and the sea. As I write this, it has been a few weeks since finishing both the space cleanser and elixir, yet I feel that the energy is still with me, still working as intended which is very welcome. Thanks so much Indra for sharing your magic! Big love xxx

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