‘As she appeared to me, I knew our love was meant to be.’

Yarrow is here available to you for ONE WEEK ONLY. Her essence I had taken before, many years ago and she is always a flower that has shifted me, offered me great insights and changed something in my life, whether that be through spell, herb or elixir.

I wanted to create her elixir using the energies of the longest lunar eclipse, to support the imaginarium consultation programs. So here she is and as a summer offering I have decide to share her with you as a limited edition for one week only.


Color :

Product Description

I know her essence will be a popular one in my consultations so I am keeping her sale on this website to one week only: July 25th- August 1st

Healing Benefits:

Ultimate protection from unwanted energies

Supports the need for healthy boundaries

For those who feel intense overwhelm

Helps calm anxiety and vulnerability

Yarrow speaks for herself. Don’t be fooled by her dainty persona.

Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite (July lunar eclipse energies), 40% pure organic vodka, vibration of yarrow flowers.

Handcrafted from homegrown Yarrow flowers.

Additional Information

Weight 75 g


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