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There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.’ .. Miyamoto Musashi

This wild combination was something I created for my personal needs this summer. The quote above clearly resonates with my experience of Pansy and Viola. This is my attempt to bring her energy into words, not always an easy task.

All through the summer of 2018 I took the elixir daily with profound results. It is now the right time to share her essence with you.

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Are you one who can show a confident smile on the surface and feel the depths of pain beneath? Are you one who can wake up in the morning and show your face to the world even when you sit in loneliness?

Pansy and Viola support you in feeling the wholeness from within.

Healing Benefits:

Acknowledgement of your own inner Guru

Transform a deep sense of loneliness into creative energy. Taking you further into you

Heals deep friendship and relationship wounds

Connects you to the right people for you on a deeper and more knowing level

Brings genuineness from the core within you. Transforming parts of your life that may have felt false

Brings equilibrium

Comfort for the sensitive

Co creation with flow

Ability to feel your senses

Genuine face of joy

My world has opened since taking this elixir in more ways than words will allow me to say. Words don’t teach, only the experience teaches.


Moon enhanced pure water, alcohol as a preservative, energies of Pansy and Viola flowers. Made by New Moon MoonLite.

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Weight 75 g

2 reviews for Wild Pansy & Viola

  1. 5 out of 5


    This review is of Wild Pansy & Viola elixir taken in the dedicated private Wild Pansy & Viola Facebook group which ran Nov-Dec 2018.

    When Indra announced she would be holding a specific group space for this elixir I intuitively knew that this was a place for me to step into.

    At the time (and for some period before that) I had felt a profound sense of loneliness and aloneness despite being in a beautiful, loving relationship and being surrounded by people most of the time.

    I have been known to be a very secretive person, hiding behind superficial emotions, going into those victim-mentality head spaces that convince me I am the only one that could ever feel this way or that way, and then actually consciously isolating myself further from other human contact or withdrawing from friendships for fear of people getting too close.

    During the month-long Wild Pansy & Viola group I found that the collective energy of those participating enhanced my experience of the elixir exponentially. I began to trust myself more, to trust others more.

    I know being part of the collective definitely benefited me so much more than if I had taken the elixir on my own without that group connection. I learned so much about myself from taking the elixir but also learned so much about myself from others and their experiences of taking the elixir, from their openness to share, to support and to encourage – an invaluable experience that I am truly grateful for.

    As I write this, I know that the elixir is still working (I am often aware that Indra’s elixirs continue their work well after finishing the bottle). Since finishing the elixir (just before Christmas 2018) I have had profound sensations, realisations and feelings associated with relationships: my relationship with myself and my relationship with others; I have become more open to receiving friendship from/with others; I have embraced meeting new people with enthusiasm; and I have been able to let go of a lot of relationship-related sh*t!

    However, this is all happening with a very balanced mindset – not looking to external relationships to fulfil me or give me something lacking within, not looking for external acceptance or validation, but rather seeing and entering into connections with people with healthy and genuine intention, letting go of the sh*t with love and compassion, and accepting myself and others without perfectionism or indignation.

    On an internal level, I’m finding my penchant for going into those jealously/envy head spaces is also massively dissipating. I am also much more deeply connecting to my inner voice, my inner guru and I feel that Wild Pansy & Viola is continually assisting in this and helping me to tap into my intuition more and trust my own feelings.

    This has now led me to signing up to Indra’s 1:1 program in which the work is continuing with gusto!

    As always Indra, huge thanks for everything that you are and everything that you do. I am blessed to know and work with you xxx

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      this is wonderful
      thank you

  2. 5 out of 5


    Testimonial for Wild Pansy and Viola Support Group

    My intention for working with the Wild Pansy and Viola Support group was to support me in my pregnancy and preparations for the birthing journey through strengthening my trust to my own choices. The month offered me a possibility to connect more with my inner guru to be able to make connections that feel true with others and to let go of the need for validation through others. I could really feel being supported by the group which makes a big deal when ditching the idea of ’doing everything alone’. I have used a lot of Indra’s elixirs and the groups just allow to take the work deeper for me. May it be motivational and/or just the right thing to do in this time and space.

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