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An Elixir that brings us closer to our inner wisdom and our ancient selves. It embraces past lives and the stories that we once lived. It assists us with untangling life’s confusions. Tibetan Quartz may be used in a mister bottle mixed with pure water to help clear stagnant energies. A potent purifier. When you feel fragmented and lost this elixir brings you home to self.

Product Description

‘My inner ancient wisdom opens doors to my future.’

Healing Benefits

Brings awareness of inner wisdom and ancient self

An understanding of past lives and an openness to receive this information

Acknowledgement of future soul path and soul journey

Paints a picture of your highest truth

Come home to the self

Connects the dots

Understanding of your bigger life picture


Moon enhanced pure water, alcohol as a preservative, energies of tibetan quartz crystal. Made by MoonLite with purity and love.

Additional Information

Bottle Size

Dosage – 30ml, Stock – 10ml

2 reviews for The Sorcerer – Tibetan Quartz

  1. 5 out of 5


    The second elixir I picked, upon intuition, was the Tibetan Quartz. Indra explained to me that this one was about healing past lives, or bringing up past lives.

    So I started with the drops in the morning and at night, and oh boy was I in for a ride…

    This one was completely different from the rose quartz, and looking back I am very thankful for the journey I had with this one, albeit at the time, it didn’t feel easy!

    It made me feel a little agitated in myself, I was snappy and felt there were things that I needed to process in order to move forward. I felt that I had to mediate quite a lot whilst taking this. I contacted Indra straight away, she assured me that this was normal and that the elixir was definitely working. It felt really good to be able to contact her because she was so supportive, and when I said ‘oh why can’t this be like the rose’ she simply helped me to see that life isn’t and can’t always be like that.

    Just from those words I learnt so much and realised that I had to step out of the nest that I found myself clinging to.

    I found with the tibetan quartz that you felt the benefits of the elixir afterwards, and upon reflection. Although it felt tough at times, it was definitely needed for me to process things which I didn’t even know were there. So this elixir proved to be a very powerful experience for me

  2. 5 out of 5


    Looking back, having finished the bottle, I can tell you this is seriously powerful stuff!
    Over this month some VERY deep relational patterns have come to the surface so they could be looked at in the eye. Without going into personal detail, I know that having faced these, I am a changed man in relation to them and all I can say is that it feels really f*^£ing good… I feel cleaner, truer and freer… Thank you! <3

    • :

      How wonderful. Thank you for sharing x

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