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In Nov 2018 I began the flower elixir support group with Wild Pansy and Viola. This was a creation that came about after realising that the power of Silent Moon Flower Elixirs were so transforming that community support was needed so that people had the option to talk to other like-minded people (as well as me) about their own experiences with the bottles.

How the Group Works.

Every two months we begin a new group. I intuitively choose a flower elixir from the Silent Moon range for us all to work with.

The first month is ‘The in Breath’ which is when the group begins the bottle and takes the elixir three times a day. I am active in the group for Questions, Answers, and support. The more active you are during this time the more you will get from the group.

Using the aspects of each elixir we focus on manifesting our dreams and the life we require. This includes individual work as well as working with other members of the group to help build trust, friendship, love and community and as we watch the group progress we can see this is working a treat.


Example: With Sunflower Elixir we focused on manifesting our dreams and opening to our own growth and personal power. Sunflower is the perfect flower to take while manifesting because it is all about being seen, strength, flow and honouring your own wonderfulness. 


Nobody knows how the group will open and grow and that is what is so wonderful about working with the flowers. The magic unfolds as we go and as we connect as a collective.


As changes and shifts begin to occur you are strongly encouraged to work with your intuition. Practice meditation and connect with the mind, body and spirit. 


You may find that during the first month feelings may occur that you would like further support with. Therefore you are free to add a second bottle of your choice with the main group bottle. This is not a necessity and is only necessary if you feel called to do so.


During month two ‘The out Breath’ this is the time when space is held, you will have finished the group bottle by this point. Quite often when we work with energetic medicine in this way the effect can be delayed so it felt beneficial to keep the space open for sharing and honouring one another’s process.

Healing Benefits:


  • Understanding the power of the flower and energetic medicine
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Deep healing and transformation
  • Sharing space where you are held and where all you share is kept inside the group and is totally confidential
  • Trust and Love and friendship
  • Tears and Laughter. All are welcome
  • Listening
  • Learning
  • Growth 

I look forward to sharing space with you very soon

Power of the Flower Blessings

I x


3 reviews for The Power of the Flower Support Group – 2 Month Subscription

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very excited to be taking Camellia next month and working with you again Indra in the support group! I haven’t taken Camellia before, but I’ve taken many of your elixirs and my personal experiences and growth from being in the support groups has been so unexpected and so wonderful. They are an amazing space of love, connection, support and freedom to express yourself and the flowers themselves are so powerful in how they bring out your own truth. You create magic with them!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Indra’s elixirs are powerful in their own right, however combine them with the power of the support groups and they are unbeatable! Indra supports you and others who are taking the same elixir, in a private, sensitive space, where everyone can share their experiences in a place of nurture and love. You can expect guidance on how to work with the elixirs, whilst developing your own self awareness and expression with the loving support of like minded people in a safe space. Highly recommended! Looking forward to the Gypsy of Avalon group for the New Year,

    • :

      thank you so much for this lovli x

  3. 5 out of 5


    Indra’s groups give anyone who hasn’t tried flower essences a wonderful introduction to her offerings. The private groups bring together a supportive circle around everyone participating. It’s a space to share safely and engage with others on the journey in a non-judgemental space, with Indra’s guidance along the way. I’d definitely recommend it, and to those who have experienced essences before as a different approach to working with them.

    • :

      Thank you so much for this lovli xx

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