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Violet Elixir

Note: Violet Elixir 2019 was created in the English Lake District. The first two healing benefits on the list have been added this year.

There’s a special place in my heart for the Violet flower. For over 3 years now I have been desperate to create her elixir and I searched far and wide to find her flowers, however much to my sadness I couldn’t find her anywhere around the area where I live. I even researched her habitats but she was clearly reluctant to show her face. So I dropped the idea of ever creating her wonderful-ness in vibrational form until…………

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Violet has been one of the most popular bottles of the year so much so that I have had this elixir on back order for over six weeks. The winter here in the UK has been exceptionally cold and now spring is here in abundance. For the last few weeks I have been searching far and wide with no sign of a violet.

Today April 20th 2018 while walking on a hill top of woodland. There she was at Fountains Abbey. The only reason I saw her was because I took a different direction, to the edge of the hill. A dramatic sight over looking the abbey. I realised why I had to wait. This elixir is steeped in ancient wisdom.

Her mission is to support you in connecting your throat chakra and your third eye. To speak the truth of your ancient higher self and to communicate and listen in a cool, clear and calm way. Violet grows very low to the earth and can often be so low in the undergrowth that her small purple flowers become hidden and hard to see.

She want’s you to know that you are a child of the earth and for you to make yourself at home here.

She is of significant benefit to those who feel disconnected from this planet and often lonely and no matter where they go or who they are with they find it hard to feel at home.

She asks you to search into the depths of your being, stand with courage and honour your truth and know that mother earth has your back.

Healing Benefits:

Softens the voice so you come from a place of love, compassion and sincerity.

Allows you to acknowledge if there is an ‘edge’ to your voice so you have the ability to change your tone when communicating. 

Communicate and listen clearly, releasing blockages from the throat (communication centre) and the third eye (intuitive centre). A wonderful elixir for teachers.


For those who feel lonely even when surrounded by others.

Create a secure and connected home on earth.

Courage and strength in your voice and ancient wisdom.

Deeper realisation that YOU matter.

Mends any disconnected internal wiring.


Speak your ancient/wise voice.


‘ Mother earths blood fills my veins, I am welcome here and I am the one that knows my truth, this earth is my home.’

Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, vibration of Fountains Abbey Violets. Made by MoonLite.

Created during the crescent moon phase in Gemini. There will be movement both physically and mentally within the energy. You will speak from a place of originality.

Handcrafted from Fountains Abbey woodland Violets.

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Weight 75 g

3 reviews for Communicator – Violet

  1. 5 out of 5


    This delightful elixir came wonderfully wrapped and it was a joy to open…and that is where the journey truly starts. I took violet as instructed and soon began to feel at one with the earth and grounded. I still had unwelcome things happen but they did not upset me as deeply or unground me as they would previously have done. I also had a better ability to express myself clearly and with minimal ego influence. A great help. Thank you Indra.????

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have always loved violets, as their essence resonates with mine. I have been on a long journey, learning to articulate myself in a way that expresses my inner experience. Violet has helped so much with this, taking me beyond my expectations into the ability to field the unexpected questions and behaviours of others with confidence in my experience and knowledge. Thank you Indra x

    • :

      I have always loved Violets too. Glad she helped you step up a notch and you are so welcome x

  3. 5 out of 5


    I knew I needed to take Indra’s new Violet elixir together with Moon Shadow – logic said “too much” but intuition said “here is the way, go deeper”. And so within minutes of taking both elixirs I had a deeply profound inner body/soul experience. I was in the shower and looked in the mirror. My eyes were dilated and I knew I was being invited into my deep core through my dark pupils. I stared transfixed at my pupils for what seemed like minutes and felt I was being drawn down a dark, inviting tunnel to the essence of me. And instinctively knew that “I am the one that knows my truth”. WOWSERS!!!! If this was Day 1, first dose, then I knew I was in for an interesting ride!!!! Initial feelings were very much around third eye and what was I not “seeing”. I deliberately took a break half way through the bottles so that I could take Red Columbine alone and then when I returned to my Violet and Moon Shadow combo I realised that it was for a very different (inner) ‘communication’ reason second time around – to harness much kinder, loving self-communication and inner self-expression and how I talk to myself, compared to why I sensed I began it at the outset (external expression and feeling misunderstood by others). Wonderful powerful elixir with much to teach the willing student! Much love as always Indra xxx

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