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Acknowledging the female and all her aspects lead to the creation of this MoonLite trilogy. Patiently awaiting solstice energies and propitious flowers, trees and buds to share their whispering stories, these noble elixirs have now boldly emerged full of distinction and grace.

There’s a Jewel-like, regal integrity held in every bottle that offers purity, wisdom and a deeper knowing of self which naturally enhances self-love and compassion.

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How to Embrace:

Commit to taking one bottle per month for 3 months in the following order: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Take between 2-4 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day. Drops may also be added to bath water or a space clearing spray to clear unwanted, stagnant energies from around the subtle bodies and auric field, room or building.

‘ Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.’

This cornucopia of spring flowers, pinks and whites leads us innocently to the aspects of our first bottle ‘Maiden’.

During Maiden adventures we touch the most creative and innocent sides of our personality, as a young woman she is responsible for no one but herself, she has no worries. She rules new beginnings and is the aspect of ourselves that we call upon when undertaking any form of new venture. She is the fresh light and life that we see during springtime.

Made during a New moon the sweetness of her elixir sings with self-assurance to her own creative tune.

Healing Benefits:

Peach Blossom Wand – The fruit of immortality expands us into our own truth, fulfillment and beauty. Peach Blossom raises our energy levels so that we can perform our daily tasks and see life from a higher perspective and with greater optimism.

Apple Blossom – Have peace and clarity from unwanted thoughts, doubt elimination and a child-like freshness.

Cherry Blossom – Cheery cherry draws out our lighthearted energies that reside in all of us. Seeing the good in everything and swimming daily on the sea of life: A child like playful innocence.

‘Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life love gives us a fairytale.’

Mother, the giver of life, the selfless nurturer of all. Her image is one of maternity, maturity pregnancy and fertility: Swollen belly and prominent breasts. She nurtures all that requires innovative input from projects to giving birth to new life.

The Mothers energy is dominant at Full Moon, being the patroness of the harvests, summer, re-birthing and bringing new ideas to life. Call this aspect of the Goddess when assistance is required with motherhood, protection of marriage, guidance, the need for inner peace, choices of any kind, spiritual development and intuition.

Healing Benefits:

Willow: Her message is one of ‘breaking down to break through’. She is the overhauler, the excavator, the re-creator.
If we are willing to rise above the lower mind and see the light and shadow side, the Gu-Ru, we can experience a deeper healing on all levels.

  • Building bridges
  • Flexibility when times are tough
  • Softness and a nurturing attitude
  • Cleanses old patterns

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

Crone, steeped in wisdom, the knowing one and the bringer of endings. The Crone is often the least understood aspect of the Triple Goddess, she may cause fear because her duty has us facing our deep inner wisdom and death.

In ancient stories the crone was always part of the Underworld and it’s mysticism. The underworld was seen as a place where souls went to rest between incarnations, before returning to the earthly plane. She takes on the role of guide through the final phase of our lives, preparing us for the next level, watching over the souls of the dead while they a wait their rebirth.

The Crone energy can be associated with the Waning Moon, winter and late autumn, we should call on this aspect of the Goddess when we deal with work or emotional relationships that have come to an end, during the menopause, and for rest and connection with inner wisdom.

Healing benefits:

Oak/acorn winter solstice: Her message is one of inner wisdom.

See yourself as an old oak tree full of wisdom, knowledge and life. Plant your roots deep within the core of mother earth and feel her presence beneath you and within you. This elixir works primarily on the core of your inner being, just by looking at the old English oak you can see the gifts she has to bring.

  • Connects you deeper to your inner wisdom
  • Opens you to your intuitive and higher self
  • Gives you a sense of self acceptance
  • Connects you to worlds beyond the earth plane
  • Inner calm and peace

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Weight 135 g

8 reviews for The Aspects of a Woman Trilogy

  1. 5 out of 5


    Secret places and forgotten rituals.
    My experience with the Maiden Flower Essence

    I am currently taking the Maiden/Mother/Crone flower essences in a series created by the wonderful Silentmoon Imaginarium. As this is a big process at the moment, I wanted to honour each stage of the journey, and give each essence the time, attention and care that they needed. So I have decided to write a review on each bottle, as I feel that there is so much to cover, and writing a review at the end on all three just would not have given my journey justice. So here we go…

    Unbeknown to me, I started taking the Maiden essence in perfect synchronicity with the seasons, I hadn’t really given the series a lot of thought, and didn’t really know what the Maiden/Mother/Crone truly represented. But for some reason, I felt a gut instinct to purchase these and try them. I started the maiden at a time when a lot was going on in my life, new job, moving house, countless to-do lists the size of my arm.

    The maiden started off slowly, subtle and it is as if it knew just what I needed, as that was exactly what I did need whilst the world around me seemed overwhelming, large and loud. As a big caffeine lover, I started to drink a lot of water, more so then I ever have. It wasn’t even a conscious decision, I just found myself drinking water non-stop throughout my day. I really do feel that 10 years of worry/anxiety and little cuts to the soul had really started to mount up and there was a crack inside me. It was obvious that I hadn’t looked after the vessel that carries my spirit, and through my maiden journey, I started to feel some layers shed away, like I was a snake that had hissed at itself for years and blamed myself and others around me. It was time for those layers to peel away.

    I absolutely loved collecting sticks, rocks, plants, as a child. I would take a backpack which would always contain a notebook and a jar that my mother would have washed out for me to collect things in. I spent a lot of time alone as a child, I never worried about this or got upset. I would do these things with a sense of adventure, excitement.

    Even a few years ago I would feel a sense of unease doing anything on my own, even going to a coffee shop, or walking through a wood, and I constantly thought about what others were doing and whether I was doing the right things with my time. I never felt that as a child, I just simply existed and felt a sense of ‘being’ naturally. So how had I come to this?

    Maiden took me back to what I thought was lost but was there waiting all along, it took me back to this feeling of being whole as a child.

    I spent a lot of quiet time on my maiden journey, at first I found myself buying a picture of a horse (something I would never have bought before) and then remembered how much of a connection with horses I had when I was younger. I spent quiet time with plants, I found myself really enjoying taking time out to feed them, even if I was only home for a quick hour before dashing off to another job. I would put down all my work and embark on an hour with my plants. As a child I was constantly touching plants outside and collecting their leaves, but as an adult I’ve never kept a plant, but I found myself enjoying these mini meditations with them, and looking forward to finding a quick hour to do so.

    My happy place as child, was the den I would create in the garden. I found myself dreaming at night and daydreaming about this space, right down to the colour and texture of the blanket and the sounds, smells and the feeling of my little fingers. I can even take myself back there right now.

    It was like this place was there waiting for me to step back into at any time, but I had forgotten all about my sacred places and how to nurture and heal my spirit. Over the past 10 years I would indulge in food, cigarettes or binge drinking on a large scale and it never gave me the satisfaction or healing that I needed at a deep level. I hated myself for it, it was like I was always searching for something and I didn’t even know what that thing was or how to get there or what to do. So I spent a lot of time in panic and anxiety.

    Maiden became a gentle bridge for me, a bridge to cross and meet myself at the other end. My meditations improved, I gave myself the time to heal for myself, not worrying about time or what was the use in it, I just practiced it. I listened to meditations each night. It was as if my body knew there were still seeds planted within me from a child, they just needed watering. Whereas before it felt like I had no seeds, just empty soil.

    Then the dreams started, instances and experiences of school in my teenage years. Things said, wounds left untreated, gaping wounds that were pushed down and forgotten about, but the body never really truly forgets does it? These came to the surface and it was painful but necessary. I also didn’t worry about not having lots of friends, I used to think a persons worth was based on how many friends they had and how many people loved them. But whilst using Maiden, I was content on my own, it was obviously what I needed, to feel at ease with solitiude once more.

    So, the essence started off quite playful, more time alone, connecting to nature, collecting little ornaments or pictures of horses, it was the connection to the playfulside of my inner child. Next came the deeper work…

    This is where the old habits came to the surface, the inner child rage and pain, which only came out a few days before the end of the bottle. I didn’t beat myself up like I would have done before. I honoured my inner child responses, saw them for what they were. I made friends with that needy, insecure, scared inner child. I visualised letting her cause some destruction In a safe environment, and I would just stand by and watch, I would then hold her hand and walk together instead of telling her to ‘go away’ or ask ‘why am I like this?’ or ‘I must change!’

    No no no. I honoured her, and saw her for who she was. I usually would have run away to the hills at this point, and not come back, but I stayed. Perhaps she needed me to stay and that has been a problem all a long.

    In my last two days of the journey, I have been having tests at hospital for allergies, which has been painful, uncomfortable and emotionally draining. I have not felt these physical sensations since being young. Some of my favourite memories were being poorly as a child (not exactly the poorly part) but my dad would sit with me all night and hold me with a blanket even though he had work the next day. (I am tearing up whilst writing this!) and I always wanted that safe feeling back. But now I am an adult, and I need to do that for myself now, so there is no better time than now to move into the Mother essence, so that I can embrace the mother aspect of myself and start to learn how to mother myself.

    I honour my inner child
    I honour my journey even though it is not always white light
    I see myself

    • :

      What a story and what an effort you made here. You are really and truly being touched by the gift of what these elixirs are all about and you seem to be so in tune with their life force. I really honour this and am so grateful that you would give each bottle this amount of time.

  2. 5 out of 5


    It wasn’t a walk in the park…but it was a walk in the woods

    My experience with the mother flower essence

    The title came to me at the end of my Mother flower essence journey, and it really stuck with me. I think the reason being that when I was taking this essence, it just wasn’t clear to me what the journey was at all until the very end.

    Let me explain a little more, I have been taking the maiden Mother Crone series by Silent Moon imaginarium and I have just completed the mother stage of the journey.

    At the end of the maiden bottle, I thought that this would be a nurturing time for me, and was expecting a month of pure nurture, dancing under the moonlight Kate Bush style, copious amounts of white light, and all that jazz. Well I can safely say that I was wrong…as the mother flower essence taught me probably the hardest thing to swallow, that the path to your inner self is not paved with twinkle lights all along the way and there is no saintly mother figure that will row your boat for you to the end of your destination.

    This may sound pessimistic, but let me assure you it really isn’t, and I couldn’t see that in the beginning of the journey, but I certainly saw that at the destination.

    So, at the beginning, I kept comparing it to the maiden essence, this is exactly what I did when I took rose quartz and then Tibetan quartz. Rose quartz put me in a blissful serene state for about a month, and then Tibetan quartz put me in anger, denial, irritation which inevitably made me run, from fear. I dropped my yoga classes, I thought this is all bull, I will carry on just as I am ‘I know my faults I don’t need these things to show it to me.’ Oh hello denial.

    Mother essence brought out the less desirable parts of myself, It unravelled the deep fear within me which has been causing me to grasp too much for years. This grasping or attaching caused me huge amounts of pain which I never, and I mean never understood before. I grasped to everybody around me, I asked why all the time, I asked why people were the way they were, why I feel so much pain, why do I feel needy, why don’t people love me, why don’t people like me, why do people drop me, why don’t people want to be around me. Over and over again, it was like a broken record, the more I grasped, the more I lost myself, the more I lost myself, the more people went, the more people went the more I hated myself, the more I hated myself the more agitated I became… See the pattern?

    Towards the middle of the bottle, I did battle with the feeling of, oh god why am I carrying on taking this, I know this about myself, I am lashing out at others, I feel pushed out of groups, I don’t need anymore guilt. That’s when I got a voice message from Indra, and she said I am sensing the same pattern with Tibetan Quartz, I am sending you this message to bring you back and for you to keep going.

    And so that’s exactly what I did, the first stage of the essence was a struggle, but I kept going until the very end and the only relief I truly felt was in the week before it was over, and that’s when I felt a little bit of magic.

    I took myself to an old time favourite spot in the woods near where I used to live, and I just sat, meditated, breathed, listened to the surrroundings and something happened. I smiled and sat there and just had this feeling of – it doesn’t matter.

    The words – ‘It doesn’t matter’ are a goldmine to a person with an anxious mind. They may seem small words, but that healed me. For a person who has beaten themselves up for quite some time, and been a ‘velcro child’ (A Velcro child is what I like to call a person who tries to unhealthily attach themselves to the people around them out of fear) I just didn’t care anymore. I didn’t care that I had made these mistakes in the past, I didn’t care that in the previous weeks I was a needy insecure person to the people around me. In that moment something shifted and the next day I felt like I was able to start again, I could be who I am deep down, without the denial, the guilt and the overriding anxious thoughts. Sure, they may come again, but lately I have been taking the attitude of ‘oh well’ lets not act on it. And it is SO pain-free, I can’t believe how much pain I have inflicted upon myself by grasping and attaching.

    So that is why I named this review – it wasn’t a walk in the park, but it was a walk in the woods, because it wasn’t easy, but when I was in the woods I realised, that Mother nature isn’t all white light either, it can be brutal also.

    The Mother essence took me to some depths I didn’t really want to go, but if I didn’t I would still be doing the same patterns and thinking enlightenment was happening just when I was feeling good. No, sorry, that is an illusion, enlightenment and the confrontation of your true self only happens through wading through the dirt I’m afraid, but I promise, in the dirt and it could be many layers deep, there will be pearl and that is where we began, and we can go back.

    I honour my shadow
    I honour the unpredictable nature of life
    I see myself

    • :

      This is exactly why you have to be prepared for the journey, prepared to surrender and prepared to sink deep. If you are not then go to a general store where they will sell you light, sparkles and sunlight in a bottle, a bottle that does exactly what it says on the tin!! Silent moon is just not for the faint hearted and i love that you are giving yourself permission to heal and truly see this. Love it!!!! Thank you

  3. 5 out of 5


    I am just finishing up my 1st bottle in the maiden, mother, crone series of elixirs. I wanted to share some of the transformations that I have seen within myself I just this past month.
    I began sketching lips & started recalling my teen years(I had a phone shaped like lips)
    I am standing my ground, not caring what others think..the way I use to be….
    My childhood memories were the ones flooding in most often & that encouraged me take a deeper look into all my relationships..past and present After revisiting them I have a clearer view of who I really am…that is what #silent moon healing is all about.
    As if the memories weren’t enough:
    My past literally ran into me (an old crush which I haven’t seen in 25 years!) That really caused me to take note! Thanks to Indra & Flower ???? power I can move forward & continue to healing????
    Looking forward to mother elixir!
    Many blessings and much love

    • :

      Thank you. I love your shares and your enthusiasm to heal.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I am just finishing up my 1st bottle in the maiden, mother, crone series of elixirs. I wanted to share some of the transformations that I have seen within myself I just this past month.
    I began sketching lips & started recalling my teen years(I had a phone shaped like lips)
    I noticed I wanted to be in my room a lot, I spent loads of time in my room growing up.
    I am feeling more confident therefore I am standing my ground, not caring what others think..the way I use to be….
    My childhood memories were the ones flooding in most often & that encouraged me take a deeper look into all my relationships..past and present After revisiting them I have a clearer view of who I really am…how I was shaped..that is what silent moon healing is all about.
    As if the memories weren’t enough:
    My past & I collided (an old crush which I haven’t seen in 25 years!) I hardly ever go to this store but! I felt very drawn to go…even the section I was told go in led me to be standing right behind him. I’m pleased to say, thank Goodness life took us on separate paths but, that really caused me to take note! #relationships #love Thanks to Indra & Flower ???? power I can move forward & continue to healing????
    Looking forward to mother elixir!
    Many blessings and much love

    • :

      Magic Moments. Keeps me posted. This is so lovli and so fun.

  5. 5 out of 5


    If you’ve ever had that feeling, that ‘knowing’, of not living your full potential; of expressing something other than your true self, something determined by external influences, people or societal expectations; of being a caricature of yourself, of playing a role and presenting a front to the world; of sensing, of hoping, that there is more to life than what you have been conditioned to believe but not able to find it (yet)… then Maiden Mother Crone Trilogy might just be for you!

    Having only ever used flower essences once before without experiencing any noticeable difference, I decided to approach this without expectation and remain open-minded to whatever might arise. And, frankly, my mind (and heart) has not only opened further but has been completely blown apart!!!! In the best way possible of course!

    As I write this, I have now taken Crone and Maiden and am waiting to begin Mother (Indra advised me to take them in this order because of the time of year I began the trilogy).

    As a person who, up until this point, had been habitually analytical, trying to “think” my way out of anxiety and depression which only resulted in ‘paralysis by analysis’; who had lived with one foot in past regrets and the other foot in future worries rather than living in the present moment; who had looked for acknowledgement, assurance, approval, love and validation from external “crutches”, people, sources, situations rather than tapping into intuition and trusting what is already within… MMC has been a catalyst to creating huge, and I mean HUGE, shifts within me.

    MMC is a companion who, at times, gently coaxes and at other times, uncomfortably and persistently prods, pokes and provokes until inner realisations are acknowledged and allowed to manifest, flow, detach and let go. Each bottle has awakened so much within me, peeling away more layers and revealing much to be discovered whilst also developing a strong and calm desire to be present. And, unlike any traditional or alternative therapies I have experienced before, MMC has supported and nurtured a secure, trusting and unwavering belief within of who I truly am and how to break free.

    PROFOUND change has occurred during and after taking these beautiful bottles of magic and I know that change will continue even after I have completed the trilogy.

    In short, MMC enables you to see what qualities and beauty already lie within and encourages connection with the truth of who you really are.
    A truly magical, life-changing experience. Eternal gratitude Indra and much love xxx

    • :

      Beautiful expalanation xx

      So appreciated catherine
      You certainly donthe work

  6. 5 out of 5



    I wanted to give an update since completing my third and final elixir in the MMC Trilogy: Mother.

    Out of the three, Mother was the one I was apprehensive about taking. I felt I knew what taking it might bring it up for me (the Mother Wound) and I wasn’t altogether keen to dig deeper and go to that painful place (again)! However, I made the commitment and needn’t have been anxious.

    As I went deeper with Mother, there were difficult and emotional times. In my experience, there are with any of Indra’s elixirs as they work to focus you and show you what really need to SEE. The stuff that, if you are truly honest with yourself, you’ve always known but don’t always want to face! They give you that nudge and ask questions to challenge you, to test whether you really want to do the work.

    Yes the Mother Wound came up, but my experience with the elixir was (surprisingly) very tender and took me on a journey of self-nurturing, self-care, self-love and a growing desire to connect deeper with my own heart and with nature. As I peeled away the layers, I developed a strong sense of calmness: that everything is okay, that I am okay.

    Past issues and painful memories came up but this time to be reflected upon, accepted and let go of rather than to be repeatedly analysed and used in self-flagellation, which has been my pattern before. I was also able to let go of painful and long-buried things (put there from external sources/people/situations) that I had been holding on to all my life, which I began to see weren’t my responsibility to carry. I sensed that this was not only from this lifetime but ancestrally too.

    (I also took Rose Quartz and Miniature Rose to support my inner child and give my, sometimes aching, heart a very welcome and needed hug throughout.)

    MMC is truly transformational and helps you to go beyond ‘looking’ to really see what needs to be seen so that you can accept, let go and create a deeper connection with your truth, develop a greater sense of self-awareness and express yourself more authentically.

    I highly recommend The Aspects of a Woman Trilogy for women AND men!

    Thanks for all that you do Indra! Much love xxx

    • :

      Thank you. You certainly receive so much support at teaching from the elixirs x

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have just come to the end of a most fascinating journey.
    For 3 months, I have been taking the Aspects of a woman trilogy.

    The first, maiden, I took for a month. Whilst on it I found myself being taken on a trip down memory lane. I remembered dreams and plans that I had made when I was young. I recalled hopes and aspirations. I saw life now, with my younger eyes.
    I was able to heal, forgive and move on from childhood experiences.
    I found a renewed energy and youthful outlook. I had fun!

    After a 2 week break I moved on to mother. I was expecting it to bring out a nurturing side, towards others. Instead, I began a month of self love. I looked deep at my inner dialogue and began the process of releasing the negative or limiting beliefs and making room for a more caring opinion of myself.
    After 45 years I finally began to truly love who I am and forgive myself for any passed mistakes.

    I was glad to then have a month off, once I had finished mother.
    I continued to nurture and nourish my soul and allow all I had learned, to sink in.

    Finally, I had a month on crone.
    This was actually my favourite of the three, although you needed to experience the other two first, to be open to the third aspect.
    To say I morphed into a wise old lady would be an exaggeration, but I certainly found a deep connection to nature and a peaceful knowledge of who I am.

    So, tonight, I have had the last drop and so my journey has come to an end. Or has it? I have learned so much about who I was, who I am and who I want to be, that I will carry on travelling down this road.

    I can’t thank Indra Singh enough for creating these amazing elixirs.

    • :

      What a wonderful review and I am so glad you got what you needed from the trilogy. Sending love and light Chris xxx

  8. 5 out of 5


    I found something from a journal of mine that suits perfectly as a review for these elixirs! The Mother -part is a little incomplete, but it doesn’t matter. Here it goes:

    “Speaking of the elixirs, I’m now in the third bottle of the elixir. the Mother. Whenever I start an elixir, things start surfacing. This trilogy has been amazing because it has surfaced such core issues that have been standing between me and happiness that I feel I should have started with this trilogy once I started using the elixirs. But, everything happens when they are supposed to happen and I no more give space for ’should haves’.

    I was very comfortable with the Crone, as I like to turn inwards. I love quiet walks. I love to journal (free write on IG) and I love to be the Hermit, to be honest. I fell in love with ’finishing up’ things, a thing that as an Aries influenced person I’m not very good at to be honest. I was taking up the elixir up to six or seven weeks, enjoying how slowly I would consume the bottle.

    When I started the Maiden bottle, things got very uncomfortable. I quickly noticed the Maiden is where my depression is. I was struggling with control issues in my relationship, working on that need to be in control. I noticed I was trying to quick fix the uncomfortable emotions that surfaced (by shopping for instance). I easily went into the complaying and critizising mode. It was very unconscious at first but then I got a better hold of it and things got smoother. I had to say no to those ’emergency exits’ that kept popping up, wanting to seduce me out of my path. But what else happened was that I entered a very joyous, funny side of me. Full of creative play and fooling around. The child in me got a chance to play. For the whole month I was on a roller coaster with the Maiden in me and the things that kept me from being the Maiden.

    Then, suddenly some days ago when I still was taking Maiden, the Mother started calling my name. I like to have a break between these elixirs but there was no time for that now. So, now I’m on Mother since the New Moon. The first things surfacing was a symptom from my first pregnancy, ’restless left leg’, during the night. It is more intense in the hip area, an area that I connect with roots and family (left being maternal side). Last night I got up for awhile to massage some magnesium oil into the hip. I had a few dreams that brought up some of my mother wounds but also explanations that make forgiving very easy. And that’s where I am now. ”

    Love, Anniina

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