Sweet Pea


In 2017 I was working with sweet pea for the full moon eclipse. Guided and called to check in with the beauty of this flower.

The message and gift for you.
To bring the ‘IN’ breath to life.
To help you focus on all the benefits the ‘IN’ breath gives you and utilise it to the best of your ability.

The in breath brings vitality to the body. It helps us grow and expand. It feeds all our internal blood cells, bones, muscles, organs and ligaments.

When we enter a new situation the natural reaction of our body is to take a deep breath in.

Color :

Product Description


‘Your feathered petals spoke to me, delicate, feminine and fresh. Your scent, intense, carried me to a land of pastures new.’

Healing Benefits:
Lightness and presence with living

Expansion and flow


New waves of being

Life force/prana



Breath awareness


Sweet pea is a perfect elixir for breaking into the newness of you on your next unfamilar step along your journey.
Let it gently awaken any areas of your life that have been asleep, as the nourishment of the ‘IN’ breath sparks the vitality of your heartbeat once more.
This elixir is perfect for when you are at a threshold in life. When you are starting again. Whether that be a new life season or life situation.

Sweet Pea says:

“Don’t work so hard. Allow your words to carry on the wind. Be light as a feather. Let your Soul be carried and don’t make so many efforts.”

She also showed herself to me in her other aspect, as a ladies fan; her ability to cool and calm, to relax from the heat of life. .

So, if life feels fast and highly charged, you might also know to call on sweet pea.

Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, vibration of Sweet Pea flowers. Made by MoonLite

Handcrafted from homegrown Sweet Peas.

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Weight 75 g


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