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This limited edition environmental elixir has not been tested on animals but it has been tested on humans. This was what one person had to say:

This environmental elixir is not for the faint hearted. It opens the doors to emotions that we often fear to expose. It unearths deep memories that have been partially processed but still hold a charge. Helping to release deeper feelings of grief and fears from the past. Moving out of denial.

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This first of my ‘environmental’ elixirs captures the essence of the recent super blue blood moon eclipse. It helps you let go of those intense and sticky emotions within your shadow; bringing you to a clearer, more peaceful and connected sense of Self.

I was deeply guided to create this elixir as a key to releasing and letting go of the intense and limiting emotions within our shadow selves.  It can take real intense work to do this, and this elixir comes as a powerful energetic support to ease the process.

I worked with the super blue blood moon eclipse over a period of three nights. I tuned to the needs of us all as a collective and as individuals. The alchemy was intense and insightful. When working with Source it’s not always easy to put things into words and I have really found that to be the case for me lately. However I did test the elixir on one keen human and you can read a small clip of their experience above.

Blue: The colour of peace that resides within us all. Trust and faith within; in ourselves and with our communications with others. Is there a side of you that has difficulties with authority? This is the flip side of blue.

Red: The colour of our base energy (soul star), our blood flow, our root and our grounded-ness and presence. Questions may arise such as who am I? what is this? This may rock our survival issues particularly those emotions of anger, resentment and frustration, but ultimately put us on more solid ground.

Violet: Made from a combination of red and blue. Reconnecting us to our crown (soul star) and higher selves. The need to change, transform and transmute the old. It is a time for revelation. The seeker of truth. This may take us to a place of feeling a deeper loss and the need to come to terms and face our grief, so we can feel freer and clearer to move forward.

Healing Benefits:

Supports you in

Unsticking the stubborn fears that have held you back, so you can take those leaps in life with faith in yourself.

Rising and transmuting the old and outdated, to become more of who you’re meant to be now.

Earth star connection; aligns and connects you with Gaia, Mother Earth.

A deeper knowing of self, for a sense of inner clarity and confidence.

Deep cleaning old memories from the cells.


Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, vibration of super moon/bloodmoon eclipse over three nights. Made by MoonLite

Environmental elixirs support change and help us to grow on the deepest of levels. They are created during specific times of the month when an elemental shift is taking place.

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Weight 75 g

3 reviews for Super Blue-Blood Moon

  1. 5 out of 5


    As a longtime client and devotee of Indra and Silent Moon Imaginarium, I am all about going deeper and moving forward on my Journey.
    The Super Blue Blood Moon Elixir delivers everything stated in the description. Not for the faint of heart! It tears down walls and moves mountains! If you are really ready for deep shadow work and release, this is the Elixir for you. It also gave me the Voice to speak my Truth.
    If I were to use one word to describe the Super Blue Blood Moon Elixir it would definitely be Transformative. The one word runner-up would be Powerful.

    • :

      You are wonderful. Thank you. You are a warrior xx

  2. 5 out of 5


    This little bottle packs a lot of punch!
    Silent Moon Imaginarium thank you!
    I was waiting for the right time to try one of her elixirs, I wasn’t sure which to choose, but when I saw ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ I knew it was the one…. that we’d be going steady ????
    Never under estimate the power of vibrational medicine!
    Created during last months full moons and eclipses, it kicked my ass in the best way possible.
    I don’t have the eloquence to describe this journey right now, but it’s dug up some deep grief and sadness while bringing deep clarity, grounding and focus. Perfect for clearing the way and opening into what’s next.
    I truly love this work, opening all the doors to face whats inside. It isn’t always pretty but if you love rolling up your sleeves and digging deep, this one is for you…. Thank you… <3

    • :

      This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing

  3. 5 out of 5


    I decided to opt for Super Blue-Blood Moon as only my third ever elixir from Indra, mainly out of a strong desire to push, poke and provoke myself, and out of curiosity to see where it would lead me on my break between taking Maiden and Mother (elixirs in Indra’s ‘Aspects of a Woman’ trilogy). I have a tendency to be quite hard on myself and gung-ho and though I went into taking SBBM with 100% commitment I was also, admittedly, a bit unruly with it! I very much respect Indra and her work, but I “caned” SBBM, taking rather a lot per dose to really push myself and dig deep. In hindsight, it might have been better to have been a bit more considerate of self and the power of this elixir!!!!

    Part way through the bottle, I found myself questioning whether to stop taking it (or alternatively considered downing the rest in one go to get it all over with! ??) because it made me feel heavy, uncomfortable and analytical. I particularly sensed intense grief, anger, rage, jealousy, envy, irritability, agitation and frustration with myself and others. I felt that I was taken more into my head, overanalysing more than normal, and found myself in an “if-then” frame of mind. I also felt my perfectionist streak rising. All things that I try so, so hard not to do, because they cause me turmoil!

    Attachment issues really came to the fore and I found it difficult and confusing to let go. Essentially I sensed that it exacerbated all of my shadow feelings, emotions, and habitual black and white thinking that I have manifested throughout my life. Those things about me that I find hard to accept and let go of, and that I have tried to bury, resist, ignore or chastise myself for. My ‘tantrum-throwing toddler’ who stamps her feet and throws her toys out of the pram certainly appeared in earnest!

    I found myself yearning for inner lightness, joy, self-love, nurturing, peace… Whilst taking SBBM, I was also strongly drawn to take Citrine in an effort to smooth out and lighten the journey. This definitely did help me and I found an immediate sense of lightness and being uplifted by Citrine emotionally and physically (particularly in my forehead, akin to my third eye opening) whilst still remaining 100% focussed on what SBBM was clearly asking me to see.

    Though at the time it felt almost like self-sabotaging behaviour to keep taking SBBM, I realised the whole point about taking it (and Indra’s other elixirs) is to go to “that place” to face the things that I need to face. I had come this far so there was no turning back for me now – face my fears and do it anyway!!!!

    Whilst I found it an uncomfortable ride, my intuition and curiosity told me to continue with SBBM (and Citrine together) to break through the walls! To stop fighting. Stop resisting. Surrender. Let go. Observe. Be present. And in doing so I learned so much more about myself!

    As always Indra, huge gratitude for putting your real, raw, honest, wild self and stuff out there for others to benefit from. It is much appreciated! Lots of love fabulous lady xxx

    • :

      Wow well if you are going to neck it you are going to certainly feel the shadow dear!!I totally get this behaviour and i know many others who do this too. However it is best to stay with the max of 7 drops 3x a day:)

      It just proves how potent they are

      thank you for such a great share x

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