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This ethereal beauty is the purest form of light. As soon as she entered my cottage garden space so much changed. There was a distinctive difference in the energy of all my plants and I began to notice many more butterflies and bumble bees joyously popping over the wall and coming to visit. I now have regular bees that I have made friends with that come up close and personal just to tell me their secrets.

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This is the energy of Star Jasmine elixir. She has the ability to create a vortex to balance both the energies of heaven and earth. I advice that when you take your drops in water stand bare foot and grounded to the earth and visualise her vortex of light coming up from the earth, to your feet and rising up into the heavens. As the vortex clears your aura watch the detox process as you begin to drop the old, feel lighter, happier and simple. When I say simple I mean less complexed. You will have the ability to feel your energy bodies and be able to connect with yourself beyond being a human vessel. Your experiences will become more profound and you will gain strength through awareness and clarity.

Affirmation‘ Star Jasmine, your ethereal energy gives me the ability to see the beauty in life’s simplicities.’

Healing Benefits

Spiritual protection

Awareness and clarity that you are beyond this physical form

Ethereal connections

Lightness in your experiences

Strength to be present

Openness to what is

Energy body detox

Happier with the simple-ness of life



Full Moon Moonlite, Summer Solstice night skies, vibrational energies of star jasmine, pure snow queen vodka (40%) as a preservative.

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Weight 75 g

1 review for Star Jasmine

  1. 5 out of 5

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    Softly, softly … this is so gentle and subtle yet it’s strength creeps up on you. Though I have a well established daily spiritual practice, Star Jasmine has truly helped deepen and expand my connection to the unseen world and to integrate it better into my daily life. I see less separateness now and am able to feel deeper subtleties that enable me to live more authentically.

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      I am glad to hear this. Feeling the deep subtleties is always a great thing x

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