Queen of Shadows – Smokey Quartz


A Winter Solstice Elixir Created with the energies of the New Moon. Smoky Quartz balances and grounds our higher energies from a heart centred space. Gives you permission to do the work you need to do on this planet without constantly living in the head. Smoky Quartz detoxifies the mental, physical and emotional bodies of unwanted energies.

Product Description

‘ Feeling into the body I am fully grounded in the present moment. I am rooted to the earth, I am connected. ‘

Healing Benefits

Balances the emotions

Grounds the physical body from a heart centred space

Stops mental chatter

Detoxifies and releases unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions

Ideal for regular computer workers and mobile phone users. For those who wish to release the side effects of technical equipment.


Moon enhanced pure water, 40% pure organic alcohol, vibration and energies of raw smoky quartz gem stone. Made by MoonLite with centerdness and grounded love light.

Additional Information

Bottle Size

Dosage – 30ml, Stock – 10ml


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