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Queer Tear Bath Soak intensifies the magic of bath time rekindling inner solace, particularly when suffering from PMS or a general feeling of sadness and uncontrollable tears.

Be curious, these salts will lead you to your inner vision, the child within, clarity, insight and focus. They bring with them the gifts of self-trust, balance, and stillness, release followed by a deep relaxation. They aid you with seeing beyond falsities and illusions that may be hindering you from your true soul journey.

120ml Moon Ritual
Add half the moon salts to your New Moon bath and whisper your positive intentions into the water 3 times. At Full Moon repeat the process.
When you pull the plug during both occasions visualise your cares and worries draining away

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‘I acknowledge the wisdom and love of the small child that forever rests within me‘.

Available in 2 sizes
500ml Full size
120ml New and Full Moon Bath Soak Ritual Size

120ml Moon Ritual
Add half the moon salts to your New Moon bath and whisper your positive intentions into the water 3 times. At Full Moon repeat the process.
When you pull the plug during both occasions visualise your cares and worries draining away

Healing Benefits

Release of emotions
rekindling inner solace
helps uncontrollable tears and unexplained sadness
insight and focus
inner vision

Dead sea salts, Organic pink Himalayan salts, Elixirs of Lepidolite, aquamarine, bluebell, miniature rose, roses petals, blue cornflowers and chamomile petals. Oils of lavender, basil, geranium, lemon, marjoram, ravensara, chamomile, camphor, benzoin, patchouli, cedarwood, vetivert, cinnamon, lemon, mandarin, clove, grapefruit, orange, myrtle, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree, sandalwood, frankincense. Enchantment and Love.

Safety Information

Sole Use
The product is prepared for the sole use of the person for whom it is purchased. it may not be suitable for use by another person e.g. extra dilution is required for children, the person may be pregnant, a person with a sensitivity or allergy may react to the product. seek advice from practitioner for extra dilution for children, pregnancy, a person with sensitivity or allergies.
Keep the product out of reach of small children.
essential oils are flammable. do not place them on or near a naked flame except in a proper burner.
Some oils are solvents and may damage certain plastics and polished wood surfaces and may stain fabrics.
Exercise caution with polished floors and lino as the sprays are all natural water based products and all polishedsmooth surfaces are slippery when wet.
Undiluted oils
Unless specifically instructed by an expert, do not apply undiluted oils directly onto the skin as this can lead to irritation of the skin.
Do not use the products as food flavouring nor take internally.
High Concentration
essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore incorrect use can cause undesirable side effects.
In The Event Of An Accident
• if the product or undiluted oil is splashed
in the eyes, immediately flush the eyes with clean, warm water or full-fat milk. if this does not alleviate the stinging and irritation, then seek medical assistance
• if undiluted oil is present on the fingers, then remove by gently scrubbing with a strong solution of washing-up-liquid. do not rub eyes if essential oils are on fingers. oils tending to persist on fingers and can cause eye irritation are cinnamon and peppermint( salvia lavandulaefolia)
• if undiluted oil is present on other parts of
the body, remove by washing with warm, soapy water. dry the area thoroughly and apply hand cream, a medicated cream or, if nothing else is available, a small amount of butter or margarine
• if there is an accidental consumption of oils or products, seek medical assistance immediately.
Reaction To Product
in the event of any reaction to the product discontinue use immediately and seek medical assistance where required.

Additional Information

Weight g
Bath Soak Size

120ml, 500ml

1 review for Queer Tear Bath Soak

  1. 5 out of 5


    This review is for The bath soak that I received as part of buying The Secret and previously the Diore Del Lune (Italian Elixir)
    The first time I took a bath soak was during taking the Italian Elixir and I was highly emotional before and had been for nearly ten days, Grief out pouring most of the day. It was a tough time. I finally found a quiet time to get in the bath and oh wow I was so impressed. I loved everything about the soak including the beautiful smell and the luxurious feel of the ingredients as I read them including one that was chosen for me that is not on the website. I was so touched by the personal touches and care. I felt the love and dedication that went into choosing and creating this bath soak and it was beautiful. When I came out of the bath I felt so much calmer and able to negotiate the emotional outpourings much better,
    The second soak I used recently was a very similar experience. I hadn’t realised how much tension I was carrying until I released it in the bath. I lay there in stillness watching a candle and I felt my heart open in peace and this peace was such a strong presence for the rest of the day and evening. I felt so still and everything around me felt sacred. I slowed down and really enjoyed the honouring of myself. I was so impressed with these bath soaks and how much they did for me.

    • :

      This is a wonderful testimonial of your Journey so far. Thank you Charlotte x

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