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Poppy has been recreated in Avalon, in the same meadow where Gypsy of Avalon (Two) was created. The petals of the brightest red were breath taking. I found the flowers as I walked the winding path to my Vardo. More than any other flower on the path they were present, bold and beautiful and held a strong sense of acceptance about them.

If you have difficulty making your own decisions. Then Poppy can support you with grace.

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Product Description

‘Trust yourself and what you see and your decision making will be easy and free.’

Poppy has been hiding in the mister ‘Hatters Head Helper’ for a while now and you can see why if you click the link below:
Hatter’s Head Helper’

Do you have trouble making decisions? Do you fluctuated from one choice to the next? Is your head always busy and scattered?

Poppy will support you in making bold decisions with grace. Helping you make the right choice from a place of presence and your own individual knowing.

Healing benefits:

Bold decision making

Trusting your own choices


Quietening a scattered mind

Presence as a-pose to drifting and fluctuating



If you see a poppy and watch her movements you will notice that as quick as she arrives she leaves. Her petals are gone in a day. Her decision is made to be present, show her beauty, dazzle you with her vibrant red tones and then leave and be only a memory in your mind.

Pure Water from Glastonbury Chalice Well enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, vibration of Poppy flowers. Made by MoonLite

Handcrafted from homegrown Poppies.

Additional Information

Weight 75 g

1 review for Poppy of Avalon

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Poppy of Avalon Elixir has been an amazing companion to me through a very difficult decision-making process for far-reaching changes in my life on every level. The outward manifestation of which is my recent decision to move from Palm Springs, CA to the Black Hills of South Dakota.
    This magical Elixir has assisted me with clarity and focus while moving through this life-altering process. As always Indra and Silent Moon Imaginarium have been there when I have needed support over the years. I was a very early Silent Moon client – what a blessing indeed! Namaste, Indra.

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      I am so pleased you got what you needed from Poppy. This is wonderful thank you

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