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A true story…..

My Marigolds didn’t grow this year. They formed the most luscious array of foliage I have ever seen but with no flower, I read that the soil was too pure. So I resigned myself to the fact that I would give them another go next year and maybe treat them with a little less love. I knew the elixir needed making.

All in good time my friends.

My neighbour is selling her flat which is adorned with baskets of Marigolds and this week I was looking to the flowers of the sun wondering what would happen to them when she left the flat. I had never really spoken to the owner of the flat other than a brief hello and goodbye but tonight there was a knock on my door.

‘ I’m leaving on Wednesday and I can see you love flowers would you like my baskets?’

I smiled, the universe always has my back.

‘Of course and thank you.’

So here she is Marigold, the flower of the Sun and with her elixir made by Moonlite.

Color :

Product Description

Marigold is the flower of the dead (flor de muertos), but don’t be afraid she is the flower of change and used in celebration across numerous cultures. She holds the power to support you through the biggest of life changes, urging you to shine your light and move on forward, asking for patience.

She is Kali, the destroyer of all, she ‘Kicks Ass.’ Whether you are male or female she will balance your energies to get you through deep change but she takes no nonsense. Like the Sun and Moon, day and night she is looking for you to achieve your best results through this time. Move with wit and wisdom and be brave knowing that ‘Things are always working our for you.’

Healing Benefits:

Deep change facilitator

Celebration of the dead and what has gone before

Leo lion energy

Ability to use wit and wisdom to get through

Balance of Sun and Moon energies

Knowing that ‘Things are always working out for you’

Bravery and strength

Keep the light



When scared keep Marigold close by she will give you strength

Slayer of the old

Who is this Elixir for:

For the male or female who is going through change and not quite sure where they will end up.
She brings you the ability to shine your sunlight through these times and be brave and hold fire.
She gives great hope, wisdom and respect for you as a human.
She is ancient as you are ancient and she helps you find your ROAR.
She wants you to know your greatness to shift and move forward (it may not be fully with ease but she will support you in not turning back and getting cold feet)

Have faith. This elixir is perfect to use in ceremony when celebrating relations and family members who have passed. Take 3-7 drops on tongue or in water 3 x a day till bottle has finished to achieve maximum benefit.


Moon enhanced pure water, alcohol as a preservative, energies of Marigold flower. Made by MoonLite.

Additional Information

Weight 75 g

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I took Marigold (summer version) alongside Ionian Olive elixir and mister to assist working on my solar plexus/third chakra. I hold a HUGE amount in this area, both emotionally and physically, and wanted/needed to dig deeper to explore this, particularly in relation to my shadow side and deep seated emotional issues and their physical manifestations. It is very difficult for me to express in words how Marigold (and Ionian Olive) helped me, though I know they helped me immensely. I have achieved FEELINGS of strength, courage, deeper understanding of and connection to self, deeper trust in listening to my intuition, an unlocking of internal/self-made boundaries and a belief in manifesting freedom of expression… And SO MUCH more besides! All with lessening fear! I am a work in progress of course and there is still much to be done. However I truly believe that Marigold has taken me forward and begun unblocking deep seated stuff that I’ve been holding on to for far too long. It is a very welcome feeling and wonderful to begin having release and being able to shine my light more confidently and with less fear. I have since purchased Winter Marigold (Indra’s early 2019 version) and am really looking forward to taking her soon to observe what happens and to build on my progress. Much love and appreciation for all that you are and all that you do Indra xxx

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