This is Goddess Maggie.

The Divine Feminine.

The Woman in her Glory,

In Her Purest Form.

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The next step from Gypsy of Avalon where she sees herself for what she is in ALL her divinity.

She is present for all the world to see.

She has dropped the false pretences.

She is the closest to godliness than she has ever been.

Her ego is intact.

Her heart, wide open.

Do you see how her blossoms bloom to the sky?

She is the lunar goddess.

She has the appearance of strength yet holds herself with a calm and soft beauty.

Healing benefits:


Strength and endurance



Good health

Balanced ego



Connection to god

Blooming heart

Shedding the blood of women and any oppressive past, negative influences

A healthy ego keeps you alive, full of vitality and life force.

So big up YOU!

Today and everyday in all of your greatness.

For best results begin this elixir on any Monday. Monday is Moon day, ruled by the moon energies.


Moon enhanced pure water, alcohol as a preservative, energy of Magnolia flowers. Made by MoonLite.


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Weight 75 g


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