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Gypsy of Avalon (Two)’ is the ultimate elixir of Freedom. She is made with a combination of three flowers and Glastonbury chalice well water. A sacred elixir for the goddess in us all.
Surrounded by wild flowers, hares, birds and bees and a multitude of wild life. I was at peace in the elements while resting for a few days in Avalon. Gypsy of Avalon (Two) differs from her sister (number one) because this time I felt the focus was on deeper internal self and expression. Opposite to last year the storms came before the sun. The sun was so intense that the sense was one of melting, this elixir drops deeper into self. A big internal cuddle and a strong and warm embrace. You are asked to allow the melting of the old to deepen so that the new life can begin to grow. This is not superficial, the wild isn’t even external although it will show once you clear the way within. Every muscle every bone and every blood cell of your body will intrinsically feel the intensity of this elixir if you are prepared to listen to her call.

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Buttercup: Souls light. I release rigidity and remove the sheen that protects you from your truth. The sun is a reflection of your greatness so why do you hide? There are so many aspects to you; why not allow all to be seen? Your fragile exterior is an illusion.

‘I am the beginnings of the summer. I am mothers bloom.’

Red Clover: A message for the delicate layers of the heart, the layers of the chest and the breast. I assist you with dropping the pain in your heart so that you may release any pains in your tender breasts.

Elderflower: Star light. I touch those parts of you that may be difficult to reach or understand. I give you the opportunity to bring the smaller parts of you into the light. Without expectation I offer you the gift of exploration. Why do you care what others think? Their judgements can’t touch you.

Elderflower brings the buttercup aspects to the surface
(two drops of this elixir may be added to a little carrier oil and massaged into tender breasts to help relieve any aches or pains)

Healing Benefits:

Freedom from a deeper place within

Connection to female archetypes especially mother, crone and internal wild woman.
Shine your light
Deep internal self expression
Soothe painful breasts
Releasing from our dark corners that are difficult to reach
Self exploration
Less interest in others judgements


‘ In freedom I see, touch and feel my truth ‘


Pure Chalice Well Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, vibration of buttercups, red clover and elderflower. Made by Avalon MoonLite

Handcrafted with wild flowers in *Avalon.



Red Clover


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Weight 75 g

3 reviews for Gypsy of Avalon (Two)

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have ordered and worked with so many of Indra’s Elixirs, Misters and other offerings for more than a year now. I have received amazing results. Indra is a wise, intuitive and gifted Creator & Healer. I am thrilled to be currently using the Gypsy of Avalon Elixir. I have been transported to that magical place and time. I feel compelled to really go deep with this Elixir. I am shown what is blocking my progress to truly BE set FREE. If you wish to take your personal Journey to a new , sacred and honest level of Evolution and Freedom…don’t hold back! Order this truly magical experience in a bottle. Blessings to you Indra for sharing this intimate Journey with us. I know that this Elixir was created in Avalon and therefore Silent Moon Imaginarium has a limited supply, so don’t miss out. Way more than Five Stars!

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      Blessings. Deeper than the deepest well to find the freedom within. Magic. You are so in tune with nature you are such an honour to work with and observe the transformation. Moonlite Love always.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Potent, sent me sane! This really is strong, not something you take by mistake… x

    • :

      Yes. Gypsy is an intense elixir. Always reduce the dosage if it’s to much to handel to soon x

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I started to use this elixir to help with physical menopausal symptoms, and also to help release/restart my creativity. Well I have been amazed! My tender breasts have not hurt since I started taking the elixir, and my creativity levels have sky-rocketed, I’ve been painting, drawing, dancing, ukulele playing and more, all with more freedom and joy than I’ve had before. I think the love, care and attention to detail that Indra puts into the creation of these elixirs translates into a beautifully attuned product and experience. Thank you! Xxxx

    • :

      This is a great shift and transformation thank you my love

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