Foxglove of Avalon


The story behind the creation of Foxglove is detailed. My intuition lead me up a church yard path during my stay in Avalon. This was where I found her. Standing alone on a grassy bank surrounded by a variety of flowers, none of her own kind, she swayed in the wind as the sun warmed her colours with his beams. She was exactly the Foxglove I had been looking for. Her tones merged from pink to a creamy white.

The moonlite elixir of Foxglove was made through my channeling and deep work with this particular flower. The flowers lead the way and had no contact with the water during the final process although they were present. It was an honour to work in this way. During the whole creating process I was guided by the flower to be intensely precise.

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Product Description

My cup runneth over with emotion”

Foxglove is the ultimate elixir for the hearts overwhelm. Especially when it comes to relationships and confusion within relationships. Foxglove brings strength when there is a strong sense of the unknown. When the heart feels a little bit wobbly.

She tells us that matters of the heart are not for ignoring and asks that you are not afraid.

Her stem represents your life journey. The pink flowers ask you to be in the heart space and honour it while confusions untangle. The white flower asks that you surrender the confusions to your higher self and for them to be released up and out through the crown as light. Each of the flowers represents an emotion of the heart and as we reach the white we reach the higher self. As the flower shows within the markings, it never looses the essence of who it really is. It is perfectly acceptable to show emotions of the heart. This flower knows what it wants and is not for the faint hearted when it comes to working with a healing heart.

Healing Benefits:

Relational clarity and precision

Release of deep heart overwhelm

Helps when the heart is confused and may feel entangled

Honouring what the heart feels and ALLOWING it

Breathe out. Permission to surrender into the aching heart.

Encourages you to listen to the teachings of your own heart

Foxglove is present in my 5 for the Heart combination elixir and mister.

Pure Glastonbury Chalice Well Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, intuitively created with foxglove flowers from Yorkshire and Avalon (Glastonbury) . Made by MoonLite

Handcrafted in Avalon Somerset and the Pine Woods Yorkshire




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Weight 75 g


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