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‘Just like mother earth during the spring I am open to the new life that stirs within’

‘ Be clear about your intentions. Like a candle in the dark be clear and bright about what is acceptable to you.’

It was Imbolc eve, the moon glowed brightly and Snowdrop Elixir patiently absorbed her beams of moonlight reminding us of the layers of new growth waiting to come to the surface from the depths of Gaia. Pregnant with new life she guides the way to break through. This Elixir is all about New Beginnings and New Starts. Just like the months of spring, new life grows, creative ideas and projects are brought to fruition. A wonderful Elixir for the procrastinator.

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Product Description

Healing Benefits

The Elixir for new beginnings and fresh starts in your life

Brings ideas to fruition

Helps the procrastinating mind focus

Opens the heart to the energy of Goddess Brigit

Helps you stand up for what you believe is right


Stop worrying what other people think

Trust your own actions 

Stick you your choices


Moon enhanced pure water, alcohol as a preservative, energies of snow drop flower. Made by MoonLite love and new beginnings.

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Dosage – 30ml, Stock – 10ml

4 reviews for First Drops of Spring – Snow Drop

  1. 5 out of 5


    I haven’t used any of Indra’s elixirs before, but was so drawn to join the group for snowdrop that started at Imbolc. What a beautiful experience it has been! I’ve not taken elixirs as part of a group, but it has been a truly magical and supportive experience, where we have been able to share and hold each other’s space. Indra’s authenticity has shone through as she’s offered further insights and been so transparent about her own journey, while guiding the group in love, laughter and tears. Snowdrop has truly opened up new beginnings and cut through my tendency to procrastinate (I am a true Queen on that front). Thank you, Indra, and everyone who has been part of the group from the deepest part of my heart. It has been such a blessing and I will be joining another group in the future to experience more of these powerful vibrational transformations.

    • :

      This is beautiful thank you for your share Karen and for being part of this Journey

    • :

      A valuable comment. Thank you

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have experienced Indra’s elixirs before and found each one very special in their own way. My experience with Snowdrop has been a powerful one promoting self empowerment, motivation and courage!
    I can’t recommend enough joining the snowdrop group when taking the elixir, the connection with like minded people and sharing of experiences has been invaluable and at times electric!
    The group is always supportive, fun and insightful, guided by Indra’s beautiful energy and passion.
    A truly inspiring experience!

    • :

      I have valued your presence in the group Caroline

  3. 5 out of 5


    I am really enjoying taking snowdrop. I connected to her energy and she felt kind warm and loving and strong. Her strength is fascinating because she is so delicate and pristing and pure yet the first flower to come in winter and icy conditions. Ifelt this was just what I needed to come out of myself more and to bring the creative ideas of which I have many to fruition. As I am taking many of my ideas have started to come to life and I just started doing them without second guessing myself or holding back. Even though I havent done it perfectly I have done it which is a major breakthrough in itself. I have started doing video interviews , committed to hosting a group call and attending an art group. I feel a lot of new beginnings and possibilities opening up and it feels like they are not only possible but underway. The biggest challenge has been to take care of myself with all this action and I can feel snowdrop supporting me to do that. Snowdrops withstand the elements and I can too, they bob along in the breeze no worries, and I can too. Thank you for a great inspiring elixir.

    • :

      I love this share thank you. A pure looking flower. Often the strongest

  4. 5 out of 5


    This was the second group I took part of. The experience was very different from the first one although I could feel the work continue. For me the month offered a way to step more into my own power through focusing. I became aware that anything is possible if I simply bring focus into it. And more importantly, to know what really is worth putting my focus into is also received by focusing.

    Personally for me the existence of the support groups has opened a wonderful possibility to work deeper with each elixir. I’ve experienced being seen, heard, supported and accepted and it has motivated me to listen to myself first to know where I am in each moment.

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