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Made from the energies of our beloved faerie portal tree.

I created this magical elixir over summer solstice which was also a full moon and the third anniversary of my dear fathers death. It was an abundant event, to be fully present in her energy acknowledging each other’s presence.

I have been close to her energy for a long time now, but it took her time to gain my trust, this is often the truth with plant teachers. I was then given permission to work with her on a deeper level, channeling the information, the blue print for the elixir bottle itself.

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So what’s her story and the energy she brings to our world?

Her story is one of an embrace and of honour: This elixir is for the one that doesn’t honour their truth, true path and their soul journey due to conditioning, being easily lead by others or being told by nay sayers that they are living a dream and their ideas and hopes will never work for them. This elixir is for guilt, for people who may feel guilty on all levels and in many a life situation. They crave to be true and that is all they want to do. Listen to the self, you know what you need. This is your life

Affirmation: ‘Be true to the truth that is you.’

Healing Benefits

To have the confidence to keep to your soul journey

To brush away nay sayers and negative feedback

To stand your ground

To release guilt

To listen to your calling

Eases frustration



Pure water enhanced by Moonlite 40% organic snow queen vodka. Vibration of scots pine tree. Made by Moonlite.


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Weight 75 g

1 review for Pine – Faerie Portal

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I instinctively knew that Faerie Portal was for me and also that I needed to use her in combination with Faerie Portal Space Cleanser (which smells absolutely divine!!!) I’ve noticed a pattern emerging with Indra’s elixirs so far… When I begin taking a new one I feel very little, if any, impact either initially or for several days. Then by around 7-10 days, I notice things beginning to rumble and uproot under the surface. Approximately 2-3 weeks in, I experience a major full-blown, heavy duty, out of control juggernaut coming careering out from within! By allowing however long that is necessary to process and just be, things then begin to release and let go. Faerie Portal has given me a huge sense of groundedness, security and stability and has facilitated the ability to deepen my self-awareness and let go. In fact, nearing the end of the bottle I had a very profound, expressive and releasing experience which massively helped me to let go of a lot of anger and guilt that I was holding on to. I also have a deeper trust, a deeper knowing, a deeper connection to my intuition, and a much deeper desire to connect with nature. As I write this, it has been a few weeks since finishing both the elixir and space cleanser, yet I feel that the energy is still with me, still working as intended which is very welcome. As always, huge thanks for what you do Indra! Much love xxx

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