Her blooms shone like mini sunshines in my yard and her elixir called to be created. Dandelion is such an under rated flower, often classed as a weed or sometimes something in between. This particular elixir I chose to created with sun and moon energies over a period of more than twenty four hours. 

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Product Description

Our teachers come to us in many different shapes and sizes, colours and expressions and Dandelion is no exception. She calls for you to be ‘ Present in you Presentness.’  This is especially important when you feel yourself jumping far into the future, spending too long honouring your monkey mind. Dandelion calls us to come back to our centre and be present in the moment. Digesting the moment with ease.

Healing Benefits:

Be present (time is on your side)

Digest life with ease in this moment

Slow down

Acceptance of the here and now, not forcing change

Be a human being not a human doing

Opening of your will centre to the world (third chakra) natural expansion without over trying

See the beauty of yourself in ALL stages of your life

When going through a major transition in life

Lifts low mood 

Supports when feeling depression

Brings energy when feeling fatigue

Dandelion is the perfect elixir for sports people and those who exercise regularly


Pure Water enhanced by solar and full moonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, intuitively created with Dandelion flowers. First elixir created using the energies of the Sun and Moon



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Weight 75 g


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