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Premier Elixir of manifestation, imagination and personal will carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting. Energising and life giving. It stimulates and stirs the soul into action. It’s frequency awakens creativity and imagination and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. With it’s pure yellow energy. Citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

Product Description

‘I breathe sunshine yellow light into my centre, as I breathe new ideas, dreams and fresh beginnings.’

Healing Benefits

Enhances personal will power

Emotionally warm and comforting


Stirs the soul into action

Awakens creativity and the imagination

Encourages fullness of life


Moon enhanced pure water, alcohol as a preservative, energies of citrine crystal. Made by MoonLite with magic, truth and love.


Additional Information

Bottle Size

Dosage – 30ml, Stock – 10ml

1 review for My Hero – Citrine

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hi Indra, I absolutely love your range and the name is fab! I wanted to share what I’ve had so far from the lovely Citrine. Holding the bottle I got, “I am here to lighten your knowing, to bring calm to your centre, to strengthen and align you with your highest potential. I am clear, I am bright, I am straight, I am true. I am aligned with Source, My truth is my strength” I felt clear, upright, perfectly positioned whilst holding the bottle.

    After taking 4 drops under my tongue, I felt instantly so clear, bright, as if I became Citrine, I was so still, aligned, upright, such clarity. I could smell a lemony smell! I felt fluid not rigid, I could feel how it would be to be a crystal, such purity and purpose, light and clarity.

    Holding it again I felt absolute stillness and the deepest inner knowing. I didn’t want to move ever! I was sat crossed legged holding the bottle between my hands in the prayer position. I felt timeless, completely present. Such a strong presence yet soft and bright. An absolutely beautiful elixir.

    I hope this helps, I’m taking it regularly and feel so much more in my centre and less doubtful of myself. Thank you xxxxxx

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