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Like us humans in our forms of many colours, she springs to life and her vibrancy seems to last forever.

A magnificent children’s elixir

She is balancing to all the chakras and gives us the ability to speak our true voice. She has bloomed in my cottage garden for over three years now, creating different hues and tones every year. Some of her floral displays last way into the winter time. She is modest in her blooming state, being her perfect self in all it’s glory.

The message:

‘ Why be afraid of what you have to say.’

Color :

Product Description

Rainbow Chrysanthemum is the ultimate balancer. I have been administering this powerful elixir in my private consultations as well as offering it to souls who I truly felt resonated with the flowers energy. She has been one of The Secret  elixirs for sometime now but has made it clear to me that it is important for this modest flowers energy to be out in the world and healing in bottled moonlite elixir form, so here she is.

Healing Benefits:

Supports and balances the energy centres (chakras)

Harmonises and chills you out.

She unfurls the one who has been hiding for so long and gives you the permission to rise up and to share your light in the darkness of the world.

Gain more balance.

Speak your truth.

Open pathways to the deepness in you.

Is beneficial for children who are sensitive due to ADHD, AUTISM and OCD or similar.


‘ From the drum beat of your base she unfolds the lotus of your crown.’

Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka vibration of rainbow chrysanthemum flowers. Made by MoonLite

Handcrafted from home grown rainbow chrysanthemums.

Additional Information

Weight 75 g

2 reviews for Childhood – Rainbow Chrysanthemum

  1. 5 out of 5


    During the time I used this elixir, I felt very calm and peaceful, while it was helping me with my OCD. It helped me during the time I moved, helping me be calm when I went to my first day of school. I saw changes in myself a little over the 3 month period. I saw changes in my attitude, and the way I was talking to others, speaking very chill and happy with others. This elixir helped balance my chakras, making me very balanced in health and with the spirits. It opened new pathways for me to explore, making me vulnerable to new friends and new activities. It helped me to share with people how I was rising from the deep from moving and the stress of starting new.

    • :

      Maddie you are such a wonderfully intuitive soul, so sensitive. It’s magical to watch you bloom and I want to say thank you for opening up to SMI and her healing.

      i x

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I started taking Rainbow Chrysantemum after a massive shift, in order to support the freshly formed, new balance for my energy centers, my energy. Indra suggested it and after I had several other encounters with the concept ‘rainbow’ I went for it. I remember every cell in my body just eagerly waited for it to arrive, there certainly was a need. Also, I want to mention, the inner child in me is strong and over the past year I have carefully listened its strong voice, demanding its right to openly express itself. This makes this elixir even more suitable for my needs. For me the energy of this elixir has been very gentle and uplifting. I feel like I’m being treated with kid gloves with this one.

    • :

      Anniina this is beautiful and i am guessing just what the doctor ordered for you right now ( so to speak )
      Thank you
      i x

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