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Perfume oil Roller Ball

‘ Only a few find the way
Some don’t recognize it when they do
Some don’t even want to’….. The Cheshire Cat

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Product Description

Who or what can it help?

Tales of misfortune and woe, heartbreak, hardship and distress. Friendships that may turn a different colour in times of adversity & mercurial teenage folk………

Captured in this little bottle of Smiles is a concoction of elixirs and high grade essential oils, organic sweet almond oil or grape seed oil as the carrier to assist you with speaking out your truth. When you feel like life ‘just can’t hear you’, by adding a touch of Cheshire Smile to the pulse points and behind the ears and breathing in the aromas clarity and a mellow yellowness step forward and to take over.

Allow yourself to indulge in your inner happiness and most joyful self expressions while luxuriating in all this humble messenger has to bring.

‘ When I smile the whole world smiles back at me’

Healing Benefits

Speaking your truth
Being heard
Inner happiness
Joyful self expression
Mellow attitude

Helps you to cope with Seasonal Defective Disorder

Pure organic sweet almond oil, oils of grapefruit, cinnamon, lemon, elemi, chamomile, ginger, spearmint, sage, eucalyptus, niaouli, yarrow, sage, carrot, bay, thyme, star anise. Magic and Moonlite

Bespoke bath soaks and scrubs are also available. Contact me to express any individual healing needs.

Safety Information

Sole Use
The product is prepared for the sole use of the person for whom it is purchased. it may not be suitable for use by another person e.g. extra dilution is required for children, the person may be pregnant, a person with a sensitivity or allergy may react to the product. seek advice from practitioner for extra dilution for children, pregnancy, a person with sensitivity or allergies.
Keep the product out of reach of small children.
essential oils are flammable. do not place them on or near a naked flame except in a proper burner.
Some oils are solvents and may damage certain plastics and polished wood surfaces and may stain fabrics.
Exercise caution with polished floors and lino as the sprays are all natural water based products and all polishedsmooth surfaces are slippery when wet.
Undiluted oils
Unless specifically instructed by an expert, do not apply undiluted oils directly onto the skin as this can lead to irritation of the skin.
Do not use the products as food flavouring nor take internally.
High Concentration
essential oils are highly concentrated and therefore incorrect use can cause undesirable side effects.
In The Event Of An Accident
• if the product or undiluted oil is splashed
in the eyes, immediately flush the eyes with clean, warm water or full-fat milk. if this does not alleviate the stinging and irritation, then seek medical assistance
• if undiluted oil is present on the fingers, then remove by gently scrubbing with a strong solution of washing-up-liquid. do not rub eyes if essential oils are on fingers. oils tending to persist on fingers and can cause eye irritation are cinnamon and peppermint( salvia lavandulaefolia)
• if undiluted oil is present on other parts of
the body, remove by washing with warm, soapy water. dry the area thoroughly and apply hand cream, a medicated cream or, if nothing else is available, a small amount of butter or margarine
• if there is an accidental consumption of oils or products, seek medical assistance immediately.
Reaction To Product
in the event of any reaction to the product discontinue use immediately and seek medical assistance where required.

2 reviews for Cheshire Smile

  1. 5 out of 5


    The days that I wear Chesire Smile oil I swear I have the most mellow days. I really enjoy the citrus smells contained in this bottle. As you take deep breaths, absorbing this scent, you can really feel a sense of calm wash over you.

    • :

      How wonderful. I adore this blend. It’s filled with VA VA VOOOM. Thank you for these kind words and may the mellow yellow continue .

  2. 5 out of 5


    I LOVE my Cheshire Smile! It’s a moment or two each day where I stop… roll the lush oil over my hands… have a deep and deliciously fragrant breath… feel my body let go… and, of course, I Smiiiiile! It’s YUM! Thank You Indra – you’re a genius!
    PS. Yesterday my sister was really stressed out and was banging through cupboards looking for her rescue remedy, which she couldn’t find. I said… I’ve got something that might help, told her to hold out her hands and rolled the cheshire smile all over her palms. She held it up to her face and took a deep breath.. “Oh my god that smells good” she says… then listed all the things she was stressed about, as if letting them roll out of her… she stopped being frantic and went to bed. Today she’s had a very different day and got LOADS done… x

    • :

      This is wonderful Joel. Thank you and so great that the roller ball had that effect on your sister too 🙂 Magic is the greatest thing on earth all you have to do is believe. Keep sniffing 🙂 love love love

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