Chamomile, the heart soother. A powerful elixir of gentle heart opening amongst many other things. A soother of the nerves and anxieties. Chamomile brings a deeper knowing of self. A knowing that all is well and no matter what life brings you, you are protected and the universe has your back.

Product Description

Chamomile, like Violet took its time to come my way. For months I nurtured the foliage of three plants and none of them came into bloom. So I let it go, knowing that the flowers would appear to me in their own time and they did. I sent out a prayer and on the day I sent out the prayer twenty plus plants appeared. I only needed two, I was supplied with Chamomile in abundance and so the story goes…….

Healing Benefits:

Know that you can fend for yourself

Drop old ties that bind you

The knowledge that the universe will always hold your weight

A soother and healer of nervous tension and anxiety

You are never alone

Good for those who can’t cry out their deep ‘stuff ‘


The ability to support yourself internally and externally

The ability to lead the way with sensitivity

Encourages restfulness, peace and quiet

Chamomile shows us the strength in being able to detach.

Chamomile adores the solar energy and I soon learned that over nurturing the plant really doesn’t do it any good. There is a message in this. Find your own roots without fuss. Rely on yourself for a solid foundation. Not others. Live simply without drama.

Chamomile is present in my 5 for the Heart combination elixir and mister. Available July 2018.


Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, intuitively created with Chamomile flowers. Made by MoonLite



Additional Information

Weight 75 g


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