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‘Alice lost in Wonderland, Dreams her own reality, Curiously Colouring her mind, While familiarities cease.’

Although your heart may to be ‘Blue’ the essence of the forget-me-not flower is one of connection. Even such a small flower is easily seen because of the vibrant blue and yellow light that is projected by its nature into the world.

Blue is the colour of peace and communication, yellow, the colour of will and strength.
Combining the two gives us the ability to strengthen our will and keep the serenity and peace around us when we feel our voice is small.

Forget-me-not has always been one of my flower allies, she is close to my heart, we have a strong, yet un spoken connection. This year I was prepared to create the Forget-me-not elixir in the the English Lake District, but something held me back. When I arrived home, there she was, in my yard waiting for me. One stem, full of tiny blue flowers, vibrant fresh and new.

Color :

Product Description

Blue brings us closer to the spiritual worlds and our spiritual practice. It helps reduce feelings of alienation and isolation especially if we have recently
lost someone close to our hearts. Blue connects us with the natural peace within and gives us the ability to communicate our truth and stand strong in times of great need. Connects us to spirituality and the deeper internal self.

Healing Benefits:

Gives permission for the hermit and time for inner discovery

Releases grief and feelings of loss. Loss of self and loss of others through passing

Nurtures the heart

Connects us back to our soul journey

Brings us closer to our spiritual practice and ‘home’

Peaceful communication

Strength and will

Forget me not is present in my 5 for the Heart combination elixir and mister. Available July 2018.

Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka vibration of homegrown Forget-me-not flowers. Made by April Full MoonLite

Additional Information

Bottle Size

Dosage – 30ml, Stock – 10ml

3 reviews for Blue – Forget Me Not

  1. 5 out of 5


    My Journey with Indra and her offerings started in August this year as I did my usual wandering around, in Periscope in that time, and ended up listening one of her scopes. Her vibe hit me instantly, I didn’t have to think is this for me or not – I just knew this IS something for me. She was about to create a special offering, Fiore Della Luna, and I ended up being one of the persons to take it. During the time, and after, I was taking the elixir I struggled more or less about daring to be the authentic Me in this life of mine. As I gradually walked into the fears, I felt the uttermost support that the way I was walking was the right one. It was a one way street with the narrowest, most uncomfortable places to go through. Like a birth channel – there is no way going back once started. It is scary, anxiety promoting but also rewarding when you realize you are going through it – not escaping it. The darkest nights end up in sunrise too and those sunrises are the most beautiful ones. Those sunrises are the ones that make you undestand why you went through the night and didn’t go back to live the previous day over and over again.

    Indra has been the most supportive, standing in her own truth and authenticity. For someone who’s dealt a lot of pain of not being accepted in her own truth, she’s been the fresh breeze of air, the messenger to tell there is a way and a reason to go on. She’s been there to help to find the strength within – not outside of oneself. She’s been there to help to find the courage to stand in one’s own authenticity and truth. She’s been there to help to find and trust in the unique paths that we are here to walk. She’s been there to help to find out that we are here to help – not fight against each other. I am filled with gratitude for the existence of Indra and her Moon offerings and for that our paths were made cross like this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • :

      now this made me cry
      thank you x

  2. 5 out of 5


    Now, this is my review for the Blue. This is not only a review about the elixir but also a story how we are guided to what we need. The story began as I one day sat in front of my computer and thought of going over to Indra’s site to look at the offerings, to make an order. I had something written on a piece of paper that caught my eye. In my mother tongue I had written “menot”. It’s a Finnish word but my head was spelling it in an English way, “me-not”. I did pay attention to this happening but didn’t really understand what was going on yet, so I went over to the site and placed an order of another product. Very soon Indra contacted me that the elixir I had ordered was actually out of shelf and I had to pick another one. I had a brief moment of “what the hell- I don’t even know how to pick the elixirs I need” but as soon as I got back to the site I understood the me-not spell in my head. Forget. Me. Not.

    I have suffered of an unexplained feeling of grief for a long long time, propably for my whole life. The feeling is something I learned to look at as the base-line of the emotional me, that for me just is on a lower note than for many others. However the past year has opened some of the reasons for feeling like this, and it’s more and more explaining the griefs I carry are part of me but they are actually not mine.

    Being a person who naturally is “on the low note” I was encouraged to use this elixir periodically, even ritualwise, with a clear start and a clear stop, and to observe what comes up. My experience was about what I expected, the result being a lighter heart. I was able to recognize some of the origins of the pain I feel and that is fantastic as before I would just be feeling the pain thinking what’s wrong with me, why do I feel like this? I will be continuing this kind of explorations with the Blue in the future, whenever I feel guided to. It has provided me more understanding of who I am and how I experience the world around me. I truly value and honor you and your work Indra. For me you have been a true blessing. Thank you.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I loved taking this beautiful, gentle elixir. In taking Forget-Me-Not I had a real sense that I was being shown those hidden areas inside myself that have always existed (hearing my inner voice, my inner child) but that I haven’t always willing surrendered into. I felt a strong connection to my innocence and my truth at the base level, if that makes any sense – stripping back to my core and feeling a real connection to my true self underneath all of the layers (self-imposed, adopted/learned/habitual, and from societal expectations) that tend to hide (temporarily or permanently) who I really am and who I wish to express. I also felt a deeper connection to nature which is always something I hugely appreciate. I would very much like to take this elixir again at some point in the future to see the difference following the progress I have made this last 12 months working with Indra xxx

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