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When you watch the new video from 2019 White Bluebell creation, made at my favourite hide out in the stunning English Lake District, you will hear the true magic behind this flower and her story. Who am I to mess with nature? I fully intended to be creating the usual Bluebell elixir. However nature had a different plan this year and it’s certainly not up to me to change that.

A Meditation into Nature Begins……


Color :

Product Description

‘I flow in all aspects of my life, I see beyond earthly living and am open to what lies beyond this veil.’

White Bluebell has further healing benefits.

White intensifies any colour so be aware that the 2019 elixir is more potent than ever before. 

Have you been listening and honouring the synchronicities nature is showing you?

Nature is asking you kindly but firmly to listen.

Open your eyes and gaze into the light beyond the veil, look and stare. See the movements all around you, the elements are creating shapes and experiences.

What is your knowing? What are you flowing?

Healing Benefits:

Releases rigidity

Connects us to the veils beyond earthly living and into the elemental realms

Protection from poisonous dreams

Ultimate connection to the nature kingdom. The trees, plants and flowers

Gentleness and openness with self and other

Be careful what you wish for, it may come true. Intensify and know the power of wishing


Moon enhanced pure water, alcohol as a preservative, energies of white bluebell flowers. Made by MoonLite with love from the elemental kingdom.

Additional Information

Weight 75 g
Bottle Size

Dosage – 30ml, Stock – 10ml

5 reviews for White Bluebell

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have recently bought two elixirs from Silent Moon. One of which was Bluebell which I chose ‘at random’. I didn’t anticipate how quickly I would feel an effect but after two days in, my Bluebell affirmation was certainly ringing true. The clarity from the elixir was direct, not easy at first, but then that was part of the effect and what I wanted to gain from it.

    I felt a strong sense of clearing the superfluous to make way for a calmer more centred sense of being. Gentle and kind.

  2. 5 out of 5


    The day I began with Bluebell Elixir, I was already feeling somewhat edgy. You know that ‘ irritable for no reason’ feeling you sometimes get? Within 20 minutes of dropping the elixir on my tongue – I was cooked! The tears came.
    For me, what it showed was that I was ready for a big release – and Bluebell was exactly the catalyst I needed to make that happen.
    I kept a diary of the 2 weeks in which I took this elixir and it really shows how powerful this remedy is.
    So much was revealed to me in those 2 weeks of Bluebell wisdom. It was all very personal to me and not really of general interest, except to say that, if you are drawn to Silent Moon’s bluebell elixir, make no mistake: she is direct, powerful and wise! The exact nature of my shadow issues were made very clear to me, and where forgiveness was needed. My love for Gaia deepened, and I learned not to underestimate what is possible when the power of the moon and the magic of flowers are brought together in the hands of a gifted alchemist such as Indra. Thank you Indra!

    As an Eternal Light healer I am used to working with subtle yet very powerful energies. I really should have known better. The fact that the energy is subtle by nature can sometimes suggest – to our conditioned minds – that they lack a certain va va voom! So, I just want it on record – there is no shortage va va voom here! Make no mistake, Silent moon elixirs are powerful healing remedies.

    • :

      I am truly grateful for your wonderful words and the time you have taken to write this. Thank you so much Nicola. Everything you say shows your connection with nature is so strong. Keep up the great work x

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I started taking this elixir a few weeks ago. I have been going trough many stressful situations in my life and this has somehow made me to feel as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am so much happier within myself. It doesn’t hurt either that I have always been in touch with my fairy side! Indra’s scopes are enchanting and meaningful. She has helped me to find my true inner self. I also loved the special gift she sent of bath salts that soothes me at the end of a long hard day. Thank you Indra! You are a blessing!

    • :

      Jen this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your words x

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I felt a very strong pull and attraction to the Bluebell elixir. I was not sure why but felt I just had to order it and take it, so I did. I have been working in doors in a shop consistently for some time and had not realised how disconnected from nature and the elements I had been feeling. After starting the Elixir I began to notice I had much more of a draw to want to be outside in my garden or walking in nature. I felt a sense of peace and felt nature with me always. I have a very strong connection with nature and the nature kingdom and it was as if the elixir reminded me of my childhood and child hood experiences of the elemental connection that I had of seeing signs and feeling the fairie Kingdom was talking to me, it reminded me that I have always been working with nature and working for nature all my life, that I am intrinsically connected and that sometimes I just forget in the busyness of my daily life thinking of all that has to be done and forgetting to just be. I noticed just yesterday while out foraging for mushrooms, I was very aware of the presence of life around me, elemental life and I trusted that life to guide me to find Chanterelles where I would not ordinarily go, I just let them guide me. It also occurred to me while I was sitting on a mossy stump just taking in the wood, that where I was would be covered in bluebells in the bluebell season. It was a joy to be fully immersed in the wood, the trees the bracken and undergrowth and the elementals, I felt fulfilled. Thank you for reminding me <3

    • :

      You Are Welcome. Thank you for your words x

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    i was drawn to the bluebell elixir and after taking it i felt a massive pull to go to glastonbury for the spring equinox to join them there for there meditation, i also had a strong feeling to go to the white spring healing pool, it was very bizzy so i spenta little time grounding myself then i removed all my clothes and got in and went under the water when i got out i felt such emotion and connection was amazing, a month or so ago i would of only thought about doing this, i feel my true self is waking up and feel so connected to nature. thank you so much indra. x

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