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There was a moment last winter when I knew I had to create a combination heart elixir. I noticed so many people coming to me with big heart ‘stuff.’ The need to release, open, uncage, share…….

The Elixir is finally here. With a combination of four silent moon flower elixirs and one gem elixir, all significant to the heart.

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When you look at the combination of all these powerful heart elixirs you know this is going to be an intense journey, so be prepared. Each elixir is also available individually incase you prefer to bring attention to one specific area.

Healing Benefits of selected individual elixirs:

FoxGlove of Avalon:

Relational clarity and precision

Release of deep heart overwhelm

Helps when the heart is confused and may feel entangled

Honouring what the heart feels and ALLOWING it

Breathe out. Permission to surrender into the aching heart

Encourages you to listen to the teachings of your own heart

Red Rose:

Supporting grandmother energies


Opens the heart in a gentle way

Strengthens relationships 

Helps when healing grief of a loved one

Connects the heart and soul to the earth and to spirit

Increases the feelings of admiration and acceptance

Forget Me Not:

Releases grief and feelings of loss

Nurtures the heart

Connects us back to our soul journey

Brings us closer to our spiritual practice

Peaceful communication

Strength and will

Rose Quartz:

Heart opener

Compassion to all living things

Confidence in who you really are as a spiritual heart centred being

Harmonises and softens the heart in all circumstances

Intimacy for self and for others

The gem helps to ground the flower (higher self centred) energy


Know that you can fend for yourself

Drop old ties that bind you

The knowledge that the universe will always hold your weight

A soother and healer of nervous tension and anxiety

You are never alone

Good for those who can’t cry out their deep ‘stuff ‘


The ability to support yourself internally and externally

The ability to lead the way with sensitivity

Encourages restfulness, peace and quiet

Chamomile shows us the strength in being able to detach.

Chamomile adores the solar energy and I soon learned that over nurturing the plant really doesn’t do it any good. There is a message in this. Find your own roots without fuss. Rely on yourself for a solid foundation. Not others. Live simply without drama.

Pure Water enhanced by MoonLite, 40% pure organic snow queen vodka, intuitively created with, Fox glove energy, Red Rose flowers, Forget me not flowers, Rose quartz energy and Chamomile flowers. Made by MoonLite


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Weight 75 g

3 reviews for 5 for the Heart

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have been taking some of the components of this elixir individually, before. However I’m feeling the effect of those, particularly, in the combination rather than as solo elixirs. It’s been a wonderful opener of heart. I’ve felt very compassionate towards myself and some things that tend to go under my skin or make me nervous. I’ve been able to allow myself to feel grief in a way I never did before. I used to think grief as a heart breaking feeling, and it can be that too, but now it has opened up as a heart healing feeling. This is a wonderful elixir, thank you.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is a brief review on behalf of my partner who took ‘5 for the Heart’ elixir to help him during a period of acute anxiety and heart palpitations (he had these checked out at A&E but was found not to be serious) which felt very overwhelming for him. Taking ‘5 for the Heart’ really helped him to reach a place of calm and serenity not only in his thoughts, where he was able to slow down his racing mind, but also physically, so he felt significantly more relaxed and he was able to sleep much better. A wonderfully soothing elixir! Thanks so much Indra xxx

  3. 5 out of 5


    thank you so much for recommending this , it made such a difference to my dental appointments that used to fill me with dread! x

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