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Make the Mind Matter? Join me virtually via zoom from September 15th for 6 weeks


Seek and you shall find.


This six week Yoga course will be intentionally created to focus us towards our heart space and heart energy.

For the first three weeks we will look inwards purely focusing on our own personal heart space, connecting with greater knowing, selflove and dare I say the beautiful side of selfishness. For without selflove and selfishness how do we gain the strength to hold and support others?

We can’t


This is why so many people become depleted because they start by giving outwards before caring for themselves.

Care for the greatness that is you first and watch your outer world flourish.

The outer world will be our focus for the second half of the course. How do we communicate our love and our hearts to others.


Let me walk you through this journey.

Complete your six weeks with:

  • Strength of heart that comes with a softness for self and for other.
  • The ability to not take things personally.
  • Clarity of your own inner heart felt wisdom.
  • Emotional balance.
  • Know your boundaries.

And so much more.


These sessions run every Tuesday evening at 6pm-730pm BST

And it would be great if you could join us live.

However if you can’t please don’t worry. All the zoom sessions are recorded so straight after each class you will receive the recording in your inbox.


All my classes are now World Wide and I am inviting you to join us.

Kundalini Yoga: Tuesday 6pm till 7:30pm

Hatha Yoga Flow: Friday 9am till 10:30am

Your first 30 minutes is FREE

I have thirty years of experience in the Yoga World.

Relaxation and Meditation ALWAYS included 🙂


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You can always wear your Pj’s if you like 🙂

Sun, Flowers and Flow with David Swenson.

The Zoom Room will open at 5:30pm UK time where you will be invited to share your poetry, gratitudes and uplifting thoughts and words. This is a relaxed space to create community and new connections virtually. You do not have to arrive until 6pm. The first 30 minutes is for us all to create and uplift the energy.

The session will begin at 6pm till 730pm all my classes are relaxed, informal and full of fun, spiritually enhancing, strengthening and balancing to create wholeness of being.

Please come as you are.

Price: £70 per 6 sessions

Special Offers:

  • If you have never joined one of my sessions before then you can partake in the first 20 mins FOR FREE 
  • All beginners of Yoga are entitled to a £10 one off FULL session.


Friday 930am – 1030am UK

Hatha Flow Yoga

Price: £70 per 6 sessions

Come and join me for a stretch and flow session. The above rules apply.

I will open the Zoom Room at 9 am for those who want to share poetry, kind words and gratitudes before the session. It is not essential that you join at this time.

‘Thanks Indra for thinking of this. I can say without doubt that Indra’s yoga will calm all furrowed brows whilst at the same time being a balm for your body.’…. Dill Davis

4 reviews for World Wide Yoga via Zoom

  1. 5 out of 5


    Having always hankered after living nearer to Indra to be able to come to her classes, a world wide unprecedented event meant we all now can and what joy to come out of something that can be quite scary.
    Indra welcomes you into the space and guides you through an initial meditation to begin the practice and to assist in being in the moment with each other and our breath and body. The class is inclusive, fun, challenging and best of all, really uplifting. Indra demonstrates and guides well, plus she can still see all her students and provide cues to correct our postures. There is a wonderful relaxation at the end, I have felt great ever since and looking forward to the next one.
    Thank you Indra

    • :

      Thank you. So So glad to have your lovliness with us Mel

  2. 5 out of 5


    I am a Kundalini yoga regular. Until recently this was conducted in person. Without even a pause I now do it in my front room in the company of others. The teaching and guidance is as strong and considered as ever. The Zoom app seemed to work well. The yoga ‘glow’ was manifest in my body two days later as usual. Highly recommend.

    • :

      Thank you so much David. Glad you got still the glow.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Love the focus on the energy centres and visualising colour!! feel really connected with my body this morning, Thank You for your authentic beautifulness and sharing yoga through zoooooom, it’s like a little piece of my self love puzzle is now in place

    • :

      Love this. Thank you x

  4. :

    What a wonderful session our first energy centre focus was. Love your kundalini classes and delighted that this situation means we can continue join you from anywhere in the world, in real time or in our own time with the recordings. The first energy centre class did not disappoint. Beautiful energy, great class and lead brilliantly. Thank you ?

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