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The Wild One Weekend is set in the heart of nature, in the stunning Lake District in the UK. It is a journey of deep self discovery that I have been called to share with you on a personal and collective level. As more and more of us search deeper for our authentic truth. The wild one is not about screaming and roaring (unless you want to) but honouring the core of who you really are. You may think you already know but do you?

During WOW (Three) in July ’19 we will be moving deeper towards the energy of Mother; a fundamental energy that exists in both men and women. Touching in with our own intuitive powers, as we discover what hides behind the warrior aspects of ourselves and the nurturer aspects. We will observe the blooming mother energies that reside in us all and honour where they take us. This then stops us questioning ourselves so that we can move forward even further towards the life of our dreams.

Has there ever been a time where you have questioned yourself again and again to finally realise you should have listened to yourself in the first place?

Product Description

The Wild One Weekend (Three) Workshop (WOW) IS RETURNING Jul 6th-7th 2019 
It will be filled with aspects of my own personal journey and MORE. Techniques, skills and ways of being that have helped me discover my Wild and Wonderful One and the deeper authenticity that rests within me (and is in you) with a lot to say. I am being called to share all this with you.
We will be submerged in the heart of nature at the bottom of a waterfall in the middle of an alluring woodland. The Footprint, where the weekend it held, is a truly magical national trust sight, inside and out.
Feedback from March 2018:
‘Thank you Indra for listening to your calling and going with it and manifesting such an amazing weekend. Thank you to everyone for your openness, vulnerability, sharing and love and creating such wonderful energy’
Lorraine Edmondston
‘I can’t find the words to articulate how transformative the weekend has been for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Indra for what you manifested over the 2 days, you are a gift. It has been incredible to meet every single one of you’
Rebecca Thomson

A Brief Over View of what the Weekend has to offer:

  • Gratitude for self and self expression.
  • Labels and moulding and how we define who we are.
  • Colour and you.
  • Going deeper with nature.
  • Circle space and time to share.
  • Flower and gem elixirs and how they support us.
  • The phases of the moon for personal growth.
  • Come comfortably dressed for yoga with water and a yoga mat. No yoga experience necessary.
  • Yoga nidra and sensual meditation honouring a part of you as a mirror of nature.
  • Fun in our wonderful-mess.

These are just some of the aspects of the weekend. As the group naturally unfolds we flow.

Please note: There are limited spaces due to venue size and my desire to keep it intimate. I’ve had a lot of interest for this weekend, so make sure you secure your place now if you’re feeling that resonance that tells you this is for you.

Further essential information:

  • The Early Bird price is £197. The weekend price will increase to £250 from 21st March 2019. You can pay £90 deposit or in full, with the balance due by June 7th latest. Choose the payment type that works for. If you have already paid your deposit you can use the ‘Pay Balance’ option on this page to complete your payment.
  • This weekend is open to men and woman.
  • Accommodation is not provided. There are a huge amount of very reasonably priced bed and breakfast facilities close by.
  • Windermere station is the closest public transport. If you need assistance with this please contact me.
  • Refreshments will be provided throughout the day but not lunch. You can bring your own or venture on a short drive into windermere.
  • Please arrive prompt for 930am to begin by 945am. We will finish at 5pm. If you need to leave early please let me know in advance.
  • All aspects of the weekend work shop will be fully confidential. On paying in full you will be asked to complete a personal consultation form. This is so that I can get a deeper understanding of where you are on your journey, your hopes and dreams. It also gives me the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level. This will not be shared with anyone.
  • This is deep work.

Private Facebook Group

Once you have signed up and paid the full balance you will be welcomed into the private WOW Facebook group, which is already a vibrant and active community. The group is a space where you can be your authentic self and share your journey before and after the weekend.

Further opportunity:

  • For those of you who would like to start early and venture deeper into the depths of your wild and wonderful self. I am offering The aspects of a woman trilogy at a discounted price of £35 (normally £50) to all those who pay in full. This gives you the chance to commit to yourself on the journey of self discovery. Those of you that have taken the moonlite elixirs, these or others, know that they uncover the core of our beings. These three elixirs are a journey of the aspects of self and can also be taken by men as well as woman.

For further information and questions please contact me:

12 reviews for The Wild One Weekend

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The Wild One Weekend! Is definitely just that. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to take part. And once there it became clear why.
    To be surrounded by such amazing people in such a beautiful place alone was fantastic. But the crazy, funny, emotional, and utter wildness of the weekend guided by Indra’s incredible intuition and wisdom brought magic and passion throughout the whole journey.
    I feel a part of me has been unlocked, a part I had forgot was there; that is creative, imaginative, and excited!
    Thank you for finding the key to my little forgotten door Indra, many blessings xx

    • :

      How wonderful. I am so pleased that you had such a great shift. Beautiful lady and wonderful soul. I am always grateful when people are prepared to honour the work and their personal journey x

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The Wild Weekend was a truly amazing adventure of deep inner work and sharing with others. I feel that it helped to gently guide me to the path I’m meant to be on, open doors to new possibilities, release the things no longer serving and plant seeds for future growth. Indra created a space where each individual was seen and heard, valued in their “wonderful-mess” and encouraged to be wholly and completely themselves, finding the wild one within. Thank you so much Indra!

    • :

      This, my lovli makes my heart sing. I am so pleased xx

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Trying to do justice to the WOW (Wild One Weekend) by describing my experience of it here is really not truly honouring the magic of it all. The WOW is something that will take me a long time to digest, to comprehend, and to make sense of – and that’s a GOOD thing! I was strongly drawn to come, after a wonderful friend pointed me in the right direction saying that she knew it was my cup of tea. And by goodness, am I so glad that she did!!!! This crazy rollercoaster journey we call life only ever makes sense, is only ever really fun and joyful if we are willing to grow, let go, expand and live our truth… be the unique person that only each of us can be. Yet for the most part we tend to live comfortably numb, being influenced by societal expectations, external influences, past experiences and future worries and losing our true self along the way. Indra intuitively sees the wonder in you and facilitates a space that is 100% safe, secure and honest allowing you to express what you want, when you want, freely, openly and truthfully, enabling your true essence, soul, wild one to break out, to be freed, to blossom. My own personal experience of the WOW has been profoundly shifting; propelling me forwards. It has facilitated me being more true to myself than I ever dared hoped or believed I could be and given me the belief to sustain it moving forwards. Scared? You bet I was! But scared means you are alive… and awake… and ready… and wild! So what better way to honour that than spending the weekend in a truly magical rural setting, learning from and with beautiful, like-minded souls and being in a nourishing space within which you can truly be the person you were born to be! Massive gratitude Indra for guiding me further along this wonderful path called life – you truly are a beautiful, honest lady and incredibly special, nurturing soul. Much love and hugs, C xxx

    • :

      What an honest reflection of the truth of you. Of us all. I think you did a fantastic job of saying what needed to be said from your heart. So glad you were there. Even in fear of it all. X

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The Wild One Weekend was truly an amazing experience for which I am so, so grateful to Indra for, for manifesting such a much needed retreat that really connects you to who you really are, to your soul. I knew when I saw it advertised I needed to go, and I didn’t hesitate booking it. I didn’t know what to expect, not even sure what was involved but I knew it was right for me, and I was definitely proved right. The setting was absolutely beautiful and nurturing and exciting (definitely in the snow!) but it was definitely the group of us, all who heard the need to be there, guided by Indra’s innate beauty and wisdom that allowed me to really open up and connect to my true self, my real self. Indra held a magical space where it immediately felt safe to explore and feel deeply who I really am. A very emotional weekend where I not only connected to myself but also to the group of beautiful souls who shared the experience. Would strongly recommend it to both men and women who just know they are not living a life true to themselves and have the courage and vulnerability to give themselves the time and the space to immerse themselves in this magical life-enhancing, possibly life-changing experience. Who knows, as I know this weekend was the start of something big for me and it has given me the inner knowing and confidence to trust the process and allow it because I truly saw and felt the truth within me. I have huge, huge gratitude for Indra and her genuine love and desire to enable people to go deep and touch their souls so to be able to live a life that is true to them. Thank you x

    • :

      You are SO welcome and i could certainly see how you benefitted from the weekend. When we are so quickly drawn to something it is a clear message that it is the right thing to do. You listened to that and that has great value in itself. Thank you for being present. X

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    WOW…what an amazing weekend…I cannot wait for the next one. Indra held the space in the most beautiful way, the lovely Joel supporting. The Footprint building was perfect, close to Windamere…yet at a distance in the crags. So relieved to be amongst a group of fantastic, chilled, compassionate like minded people.. wow the group was amazing. A weekend of meditation, yoga, journey, release and transformation. …masculine and feminine combined.
    The stress relief and authenticity are now shining though from the weekend…looking forward to keep digging deeper. Thank you so much Indra for providing this oportunity to grow..I will definitely be there next time. Ruthx

    • :

      Thank you
      So pleased to read this. You are a true warrior thank you for being part of this journey Ruth. I honour you x

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    An update from my earlier post in the year after attending the first WOW and prior to going again to the second one in a couple of weeks.
    I went to the last WOW in March having booked on from seeing it on Facebook and having never met or worked with Indra. I started taking elixirs in January in preparation for the weekend. From starting to take them, significant shifts began to happen. I remember really feeling into being ‘the watcher’ on my life, observing myself and observing others, whilst doing it from a place of calm and just being. At the WOW, well, it was just an amazing weekend. I truly put my feet in my mud that weekend and they have continued to wade deeper and deeper into it, into my messiness. Ultimately, what it started was a process of me expressing and speaking my truth. I have continued with various elixirs and I have all started the 1:1 program with Indra. Absolutely amazing! Huge shifts and changes have happened. I have separated from my husband and left an unhappy marriage, will soon have my own home, huge stuff around family members, including my relationship with my daughter so has just flown the nest for Uni. The universe really has sent me some big stuff. It’s been extremely painful at times and I’ve felt pretty broken, but underlying it all is a feeling of clarity and knowing that I am becoming more and more aligned to my true self and not scared to express it. I have excitement for my future and I’m excited to uncover more and more of me and I am so looking forward to the next WOW. I feel I will be there in the present, ready to embrace and enjoy it but I also know it’s symbolic to reflect and look back as to who I was, where I was at during the last one. Indra’s offerings are truly magical but ultimately it’s because of who she is. True, raw and loving. I knew I could trust her before I even worked with her. I trusted my instinct and it’s totally paid off. My heart is full of gratitude xxx

    • :

      This is wonderful. I thank you so much for sharing x

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    amazing, truly amazing. my decision to go on wow 2 is the best thing i have done for me, i was so nervous about coming but indra is so supportive and put me at ease, and the group are just as beautiful. I have booked for wow 3. thank you so much xxxx

    • :

      so glad you were there x

  8. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Things I learned at WOW 2

    First the practical stuff.
    I learned that the National Trust venue The Footprint is the perfect place for this weekend of discovery. A beautiful building, small enough for intimacy but never overcrowded, set in the most perfect nature’s paradise. Woods, streams, waterfalls, open fields, distant lakes and mountains, it has it all. And there is time and space given over to appreciate and explore its beauty and peace.
    I learned that the weekend followed the perfect structural blend of physicality and stillness, laughter and deep emotions, community and solitary reflection. Whether by design or instinct Indra offered up a seamless flow from one moment to the next, reading the room, offering what was needed.
    Now, personally?
    I learned that I prefer to find my meditative peace through purposeful movement, my moments of clarity and joy came through in the physical sections. Indra pushed us physically as well as emotionally, and my body responded to that, my mind clearing and a definite knowing of who I am settled in.
    I learned that sitting meditation,watching the breath, does not calm my brain, and that’s ok. We’re all wired differently, before I went to WOW I always wondered whether I was doing it wrong, but over the weekend I got the chance to really observe mind and body closely, and now I know that it is simply that different brains work in different ways…and that’s ok. I find stillness in my art, in my writing, my dancing, my piano playing…all meditation for me.
    I learned that my aversion to groups of people and group sharing of stories is not a fear, or a problem. It is simply who I am. I sat through the group stuff, it was so hard, many times I was shutting my eyes and trying to pretend I was somewhere else, the physical reactions of my body almost palpable. But I stayed, I listened, I observed, and I learned, that it wasn’t fear, it was simply my body telling me its preferences…and that’s ok.
    So I learned who I am, and I learned that I love who I am, and how I am. I had to walk through the uncomfortable fire, but it was ok.
    It was ok because of Indra’s presence, and alongside her Joel. Indra was just amazing, she was present for everyone, observing, checking, pushing, holding back, instinctively knowing what people needed, allowing expressions to flow freely, prompting when needed. I noticed how I relaxed through the weekend, because of the acceptance. Initially I tried to mingle and chat during breaks, but as the toll of interactions increased over the two days I felt comfortable enough to be able to sit and draw and doodle in my down time, knowing it was accepted and ok, not frowned upon as anti-social. Indra senses what people need, even when she has her own messy life tripping her up, she still gives so much. And Joel was an equally comforting presence, accepting, supporting, opening up alongside us, a welcome counterfoil to the feminine energy in the room.
    So I would recommend this WOW experience 100%, even if you think you have nothing to learn, as perhaps I did, there is always more to find. Even if you are a hermit recluse introvert, as I am…just do it. It will be ok and it will be worth it.

    • :

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this x

  9. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    A credible person from my past once told me: “when you recognise what you need to do, take action as soon as you can, don’t wait”. Words that ring so true for me right now as I write this addendum to my first WOW post back in March 2018 and now my recent participation in WOW2 in October 2018.

    I have a similar story to so many other people. I’ve experienced major challenges in life yes (and will continue to do so), but ones that are no more or less traumatic than most. I’ve sought help, assistance, guidance, advice, and support from many, many sources over the years; some beneficial, others detrimental and costly. All in search of achieving profound and long-lasting self-acceptance, belonging and happiness. Of “fixing” chronic anxiety, low self-esteem and low self-worth, fear-based negative thinking… You name it. Often, admittedly, looking for quick solutions, magic bullets, nirvana. Thinking that once I obtain “it” I’ll be sorted; I won’t need to make any more effort.

    And yet every avenue I took (up until meeting Indra Singh) was still encouraging me to look externally for the answers. Still keeping me cossetted in a blame frame of mind. Still not taking responsibility for myself. Still attaching to things, people, events, memories, fears, worries, if onlys…

    Even when I began working with Indra in January 2018, I held on to the belief that I could still find the panacea from somewhere out there (possibly in the bottom of one of her elixir bottles!) And yet now, 10 months on and having dragged myself, sometimes frantically and reluctantly kicking and screaming, deeper, much deeper into the inner work that Indra so wisely champions, I have matured and detached from the external and see (actually truly believe) that everything that I will ever need already lies within.

    And yes, that’s down to me… and committing to the work… and knowing and accepting that the work will never end. The deeper you go the deeper you still continue to go! But it’s also down to Indra Singh for believing in her stuff and instilling, supporting and nurturing that belief in those who she works with.

    And so, rather than reviewing the WOW2 per se, my addendum becomes, quite rightly, a review of Indra herself.

    For in my experience, Indra Singh (and her ethos and offerings created through Silent Moon Imaginarium) is WITHOUT DOUBT the only person that I have come across in this arena who is 100% authentic, no bullsh*t, no hidden agenda, no egotistical superficial clap-trap. She’s raw, honest, open and trust-worthy. She’s 100% herself. She tells it straight, tells it like it is. Whether you might wanna hear it or not. Steadfastly refusing to conform to others and societal expectations, pressures, “norms”…

    Of course, she’s got her own things going on, about which she’s not afraid to share, and that’s what makes her real, vulnerable, human, relatable, brave, edgy, different. She takes lessons from experiences in her own life, packages them up into translatable wisdom and offerings, and shares them with you. Take them or leave them.

    And if you take them, if you wholeheartedly commit doing the work, there are so many lessons to learn about yourself. And about other people. And about your relationships. So many opportunities to discover new things about yourself. About life. Lay past experiences to rest. Become excited, joyous and optimistic about the future. Go deeper. Explore. Evolve. Grow.

    By God they broke the mould when they made Indra! And I, for one (one of many I suspect!), am so glad that our paths have converged.

    And so, I come back to my opening sentence in this long prose…

    If you have ANY inkling that Indra’s “stuff” may be for you. If you feel any resonance with her and her work at all. If you have been drawn in through curiosity and an innate knowing that this might just be for you. Then for goodness sake, do it! Do it as soon as you can. Don’t wait! If you are prepared to utilise maturity, accountability and self-responsibility, if you are prepared to embrace fear, curiously step into the unknown and trust that you have the ability to grow, evolve, and work to become a better version of yourself, then why wait?

    • :

      Thank you so much for your magic x

  10. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Thank you Indra for creating such a wonderful space and opportunity to come together with such amazing warrior women.
    Wow 3 definitely embraced the power of mother. Equally fantastic to see so much personal growth in so many of us from 1 and 2.
    Feeling emotional that it’s over, feeling thankful for the time with you all, and feeling the most lovely ‘tranquility’ within.
    What you offer Indra is truly special. You create a space for people to be held and heard by others that care, support and champion each other.
    Much love to you all. Till the next one! xx

  11. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Having just returned home from participating in the third Wild One Weekend at The Footprint in Windermere, all I can say is a huge, humongous, heartfelt THANK YOU Indra! It was profound. I’ve now been to all three and it was the best one yet by a mile. The magic you create and share and channel and weave and sow and encourage is phenomenal. Each WOW has been amazing and, every time, better than the last. Our progression is palpable for all to witness and it is a privilege to see everyone’s growth, including my own, as we share our experiences. You have created an incredibly safe space for encouraging each and every one of us to evolve into our authentic selves. Thank you Indra, you fabulous soul xxx

  12. 5 out of 5


    What Indra offers is not a run-of-the-mill retreat – it is something far more unique – a wild gathering of open hearts. I haven’t been to any of the previous ones, so this one, which was all female, was my first experience of working with Indra in this way. The days flow, allowing everyone to speak and express whatever healing they need. There is no ‘rush’ or restriction on anyone’s time, yet Indra interweaves her magical way of working, with yoga and a range of other holistic practices and movement. There is a truly divine feminine approach of surrender and flow, so different from the linear masculine way of current society with its rigid set patterns, and ‘drive to complete’ (though WOW does not exclude the divine masculine, or men if they wish to attend). It might not suit everyone, and I would urge anyone who is drawn to come to another, to properly connect with Indra’s work and come with an openness to this style of working. Indra’s unique light shines brightly, and even when faced with challenging circumstances, deals with them discreetly, with dignity and privately, if required. There is nothing to fear from this wild opportunity other than your own reluctance to look deeply into your own shadow areas, because they will be exposed – for you to consider and, if you have the courage, accept as those parts of yourself that need your attention and acceptance. You will be supported, enfolded and loved by a group of women from all walks of life and of all ages, from maiden to crone. Each bring their experiences, which are of equal value. There is no judgement, just space to grow. There is love, laughter, tears and snot! And lots of cake! One cannot walk away from WOW unchanged, to do so would only a reflect an inability to connect fully with one’s own soul. Thank you Indra and to all of those women who chose to take the deep dive. I am honoured to have shared space with you. With deep love and respect to each and every one of you, I bow in gratitude.

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