The Ultimate Moon Lover


The ultimate Moonlover offers you the chance to dive that little bit deeper into your moon journey. This hand-crafted combination of silent moon decadence all personally assists you in connecting with a deeper wisdom and a knowing that rests inside you.

Product Description

As part of the Ultimate Moonlovers’ journey I will connect with you for a whole moon cycle, communicating with you during each of the 8 moon phases and working together to acknowledge the positive aspects and the shadow sides of the passage.

This Ultimate experience will include 2 live 30 minute calls one during the New Moon phase and one during the Full Moon phase. For all the other 6 phases a recording will be personally created and sent to your inbox and email communication will be unlimited for the month.

8 moon elixirs to match the phase of each moon

  • Your own My Moon Space cleanser- personalized aura spray
  • 8 Moon Phase cards to assist your monthly moon journey
  • 120ml Queer Tear Bath Soak (with full instructions) to sprinkle into your bath during New and Full Moon Phases.
  • Moonlovers’ 6oz moonlite to burn when making your new moon intentions and releasing all you need to let go of during the full moon.
  • Moon Sign scroll – describing how your moon sign guides your emotions.
  • Mapping the Moon Centres.

Please email me if you are unsure of your moon sign so that I can assist you.

Healing Benefits

Deeper understanding of Mooncycles, Rhythms, Moon Centres and you.
Acknowledging which moonphase you thrive in and in which moon phase you need to take more rest.
Harmony and balance with the rhythms of nature
A deeper ability to listen, honour and connect with your body, mind and spirit.
A deeper journey into your own inner wisdom and shadow.

Additional Information

Weight 1355 g


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