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I have put the 11 Moon Centre Meditations together in honour of the need and interest in this ancient Yogic practice that I saw in our discussion about it during the wild one weekend.
This course helps you become aware of when your energy is focussed in each of your 11 moon centres, when it moves and how each moon centre influences your mood, vitality and focus.
This course supports you in discovering your personal ‘map’ of your moon centre flow. It’s a journey that will take you into a deeper sense of knowing how you tick. Acknowledging the right times to be active and when it’s appropriate to take more rest.
It adds a greater sense of harmony and balance to your life and allows you to achieve with ease rather that pushing through. Which, as we know, is quite a common part of daily living for many of us.

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Mapping Your Moon Centre Flow
All women have the same eleven moon centres, however the order of flow through each of them will be individual to you. Discovering your individual order, your personal ‘map’ is the work and where the magic of understanding the shape of your energetic wave comes in.
This course helps you become aware of when your energy is focussed in each of your 11 moon centres, when it moves and how each moon centre influences your mood, vitality and focus.
As you work with the meditations and begin mapping your own personal moon centres you will start to see and feel the flow of your own energy. This can take around three months. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Be patient, there is no rush. These things take time and perseverance, however the journey is so worth the wait as you move closer to you, get to know you just that little bit more.
In The Course
You will receive 11 meditation audio files (mp3), one for each moon centre. Each audio has a short introduction to the the moon centre followed by a meditation designed to support you at that time, as well as deepen your understanding of, and connection to, that particular moon centre.
You will also receive your own copy of the introductory video so you can reference it anytime.
BONUS: I have also created a beautiful guide book which lists the 11 moon centres and outlines the significant points that will help you recognise each one and offers guidelines on a few do’s and don’ts where appropriate. There are also guidelines on which Silent Moon Offerings might best support you in each of the moon centre times.
All the contents will be instantly downloadable as soon as you purchase the course.
Healing Benefits
When you understand each of the 11 moon centres and map your personal flow, you will become clear on when is the most supportive time for you to…
  • Make important decisions
  • Work out relationship issues
  • Try new things
  • Be mindful of your boundaries
  • Be sociable
  • Apply self discipline
  • Watch your words
  • Work out financial issues
  • Use your analytical skills
  • Not make any final decisions
  • Be mindful of your critical self, both inwardly and outwardly directed
  • Make a list or plan
  • Be creative
  • Resist shopping
  • Be organised and hugely productive
  • Share or stay quiet
  • Stay in and breathe!
  • To connect deeply and intimately
  • To take time out
Also you will begin to understand the ebb and flow of your moods, as the moon centres influence them with feeling tones of…
Romance, confidence, the urge to communicate, flirtation, compassion, out of control, organised, analytical, imaginative, obsessive, productive, insecure, angry or aggressive, expansive, intimate, extroversion or introversion, emptiness, joy and more…
Once you purchase, you will be redirected to a download page where you can go right ahead and download all the files.


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