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Intuitive Reading

A creation unique and our own. Like all Silent Moon offerings their story being one of intuition, beauty and of course magic with a sprinkling of enchantment.

Connecting with faerie has been a part of my life for so long now that I decided to bring to you their very own expressions in rune form. The stones were hand picked by myself and Joel (my side kick and warrior) one stunningly sunny day on Brighton beach after spending much time creating The Six Magical Moon Rituals.

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Product Description

The Story

The twenty one carefully beach combed stones were to be part of an oracle and expression, a communication between us as humans and the faerie and nature realms. I like to look at it as a coming together and a reconnection.

Handcrafted with MoonLite love each stone has been individually hand painted by my daughter. Their simplicity is part of the story, their child like energy and their weathered imperfections break down our conditioning and our barriers; the should’s and shouldn’t be’s in life, our striving for perfection. Honouring this in a very complex world can be an obstacle many people find hard to get over. Let The Faerie Runes help.

How the reading works

As the guide-ess I am offering a three rune reading via email focusing on a major or even niggling question of your choice. Using the unique faerie rune expressions, my wisdom and intuition I will create a sacred space for you and your question and using a faerie invocation ask them and the nature spirits to show their truth. I will then email you with a full interpretation of your reading along side an image of the chosen runes.

Healing Benefits

Closer connection and awareness to natures truth.

A deeper understanding of your journey and the question asked.

The impetus often needed to take that next step along the way.

Self honour and knowledge.

Gain clarity and direction.

Committing to an intuitive reading within the Imaginarium brings you closer to a more authentic energy and expression of your truth.


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