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This much requested video course guides you through the eight phases of the moon, encouraging you to connect with Luna’s Love in your own natural way. Find your flow, align with your creative rhythm and step fully into your magical self.

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Product Description

Embodying Your Moon Spirit…

How To Harness The Magic Of The Moon Phases & Embrace The Cyclical Nature Of Life

I have created a number of videos to help you take your MoonSpirit Card journey deeper.

As we all know, life isn’t always as it seems and one of my missions is to encourage others to delve that little deeper, to use their own intuition and to be aware of prompts from the universe.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the ‘normality’ of just existing. Life holds many textures and layers and this rich tapestry is there for the taking.

We, as humans are powerful beyond belief and all too often we can lose our way. When we get a taste of our authentic truth it’s impossible to go back and why would you want to?

Phases & Flexibility

The Moon will always project its phases taking 27.3 days to orbit the earth (approximately one calendar month). So every 3- 4 days depending on the length of each month the phases change.

The moon phases encourage you to use your intuition. We are all different so how can anything be set in stone? All of us will feel different in different phases, male or female, pre menstrual or menopausal active or sedentary the list is endless.

So this course encourages you to relax any rules you feel and stay loose with them. Clearly only by doing this do you get the full benefit. But first and foremost have fun with it and be creative, because by working in this way you will open doors to the authentic you.

Embodying Your Moon Spirit will help you recognise the REAL moon in you, the flow, the temperamental one, the one that needs change without restriction, the one who feels freedom internally and externally.

Going Deeper

By working deeper with the moon energy you create a regular ritual structure that can support the way you see the world and give more of a grounding for your dreams.

It stops the procrastinator and honours your wishes.

It gives you intention and focuses the energy where it needs to be focused so that you can create the life that you desire.

The cards and the rituals are a prompt. Be creative. Be prepared to Shift and change with your being-ness and eventually this will all become like second nature.

To me, you already know all of this. I am here reminding you so that you can bring the authentic truth you were born with back into your life in your own creative way and with ease.

In The Course

Within this course you get:

  • A video guide for each of the 8 moon phases, helping you understand the flow of the moon’s cycle in detail, and how aligning with it can help you create the life you desire
  • A meditation video for every phase, to help you ground the moon energies and stay focused
  • Downloadable audio versions for each of the meditations, so you can listen and practice offline
  • Prompts and practical exercises for each phase that you can incorporate in your daily life to enhance your understanding and build your own relationship with the moon cycle
  • An understanding of how and why specific elixirs can support you through each of the phases
  • Encouragement for you to express your creativity and follow your own intuition
  • An ongoing invitation to live your authentic truth
  • An ability to flow with the rhythms of life and nature
  • To acknowledge your shadow and all your Wonderful-mess

This is a personal practice so make it yours!

1 review for Embodying Your Moon Spirit

  1. 5 out of 5


    if I could rate this video course more than 5 stars (and moons) I certainly would. Do not hesitate to acquire the “Embodying Your Moon Spirit Video Course” so you may begin this valuable Journey! I am so thankful to Indra for yet another great blessing she has brought forth. I have worked with her for more than a year, with the elixirs, amazing bespoke creations, and the moon phase cards. My work with her has been truly life changing, as she and her creations support and enhance my life goals as well as assisting in overcoming life’s challenges. This video course delivers all the stated intentions with grace, ease, beauty, flexibility, power and magic. It is so well executed as to be truly sublime. We are welcomed into Indra’s special world of Silent Moon Imaginarium while being given valuable and simple to follow instructions to make the experience our own. I am working with the New Moon Phase video, presently, creating my personalized expression and ritual. I am so excited about the grand Journey to come. Namaste!

    • :

      This is beautiful. Thank you so much for your words x
      and of course you are welcome.

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