Awaken the Creative – 1:1 Program


‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’… Ix

This year has brought great change, and it allows me to share that with you.

Awaken the Creative program is a chance for you to work with me on a 1:1 basis so we can begin to release those patterns of behaviour that are holding you back.

I will guide you with practical advice alongside many an intuitive message which will support your process through your inner and outer healing journey. We will look at ways to change unwanted thoughts to wanted thoughts—old patterns of behaviour for new ones.

Start by asking yourself what it is you really want to change and what it is that you want to create for yourself.

The focus is on YOU and the path to embracing your creative, unapologetic nature. To release those wild and wonderful parts of you that have been hiding in the shadows.

I have walked this path and will guide you through the traps and tricky waters to assist you in getting to where you want to be.

Trave the journey that you wholeheartedly want to be traveling.

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Product Description

Commitment is powerful. It says “I’m in for the process” to the universe, and the universe responds, stepping up to support you. Personally, I bring all my practice, energy, intuition to the sessions, which include paradigm-busting, meditation, open conversation, intuitive guidance, suggestions for supportive elixirs, rituals, and processes that will enhance your personal journey.

Is it for you?

These six awakening sessions are for you if you are truly committed to your path.
It’s for you if you are willing to dive into the experience of authenticity and truth with no apology.
It’s for you if you understand the value of fully stepping into your power.
Are you happy to be guided but work independently between times? My support is there, but you get the value from doing the work.

The program includes:

6 x 1hr sessions (Facetime/Messenger/Phone).

10% discount off all further Silent Moon products.

Individual combination flower elixirs and advice with each session to suit your needs.  (Free postage for UK clients only)

Limited email support throughout.

What does it mean for you to be authentically you?

What are your dreams and wishes for your future self?

Healing Benefits

The 1:1 support moves you further, faster, and easier into the truth of you.
It gives you accountability for your own individual process.

Acknowledgment of your creative self:
Freedom, passion, uncompromising, authentic, creative, boundary setting. (You can add your own to the list.)


My 1-2-1 sessions came when I was overwhelmed by many conflicts in my life. The 6 months brought great clarity and helped signpost my next steps, always feeling they were MY steps to choose. The elixirs affected profound shifts in my consciousness, which I was able to explore and examine my responses with Indra. The work was certainly not easy, but I never felt alone or that struggle was failing. At the end of this 1-2-1 period, I had made significant changes in my mindset and responses to the world. Forever grateful, and I’m certain I will return whenever circumstances feel I need to. 5 out of 5 Eleonora Aardvark-Graham


I highly recommend Indra as an amazingly attuned, intuitive, and wise guide to work with. I started my series of one-on-ones almost a year ago while I was going through significant changes in my life. Looking back, it was one of the most difficult times I had ever experienced emotionally and physically. Indra was an amazing support throughout my leap of faith to a brighter future with both one on one support and providing group support via her flower power two-month groups, of which I did several – intertwining both and the essences themselves together as a supercharged support program.

Each one-on-one session with Indra was a little bit different, but always exactly what I needed. I felt supported and nourished in each one. She would intuitively pick up where I was and offer the right tools to support me. What was consistent was her simply listening, offering the right inquiries for me to probe deeper and see things more clearly. Then each time, knowing exactly which flower essence alone or in combination was right for me to deepen and move forward with healing and support. She also would usually draw some cards and provide journaling prompts or meditation. If you are drawn to Indra’s wonderful, special, and deeply healing flower essences, I think the one on ones and group experiences are a wonderful way to get individualized support and an even deeper healing experience!

5 out of 5 Carolyn G

48hrs cancellation notice
No show is considered attendance (session lost)


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