Om Ranty

Since I can remember yoga has been a huge part of my daily inner and outer life.

In my words and through the dis-ease of teenage anorexia I remember saying, ‘ If I survive this shit then I will teach yoga.’ and I did, I survived and fulfilled that part of the journey.

I fulfilled that part of me when it was unique to be a yoga teacher. Crash courses didn’t exist and it took guts, dirt, stamina and sometimes even world travel and a lot of money and often debt to train hard and to train well. It took commitment, not a crash course in how to be a yoga teacher.

To me yoga is heartfelt, it’s either in you or not.

I trained when teachers were efficient and incredibly good and they had the knowledge and ability to connect with you, touch you, talk to you and be grateful for your presence, they had time for you. I trained when yoga nidra was a 30 min session, a must have inside of a 1 hour 30 min class.

Now you get 7 mins if you’re lucky, jump up, put your mat away and leave, sometimes even as a warm up to circuit training class that’s just about to follow. There’s no time to honour your journey or your practice never mind your inner sanctum.

Today yoga is all about the physical, forget the mind and the breath.

Almost everyone wants to be a yoga teacher, so now this original humble ancient practice has turned into one of the most competitive industries going. Don’t get me started on bourgeois yoga outfits. I do my yoga practice in my pyjamas and I’m glad of it, why do I need Sweaty Betty knickers for £90 a time?

Sanskrit Dooberries

I see it like wanting to be a tattoo artist, it’s cool and it’s trendy, it’s the thing to do and be and with the status and label seems to come a pass to so called enlightenment. The word enlightenment being a posh word for getting through your mountainous life lessons and seeing them differently from the other side/angle. Adding a sickly sweet smile on the other side is personal preference.

Do yoga teachers really know it all? NO! Are all yoga teachers enlightened? NO! ( as of yet I’ve never met a balanced one. Balanced, is of course open to interpretation. )

I’m sad. It saddens me to see some age old practice being taken the piss out of, mixed with pilates and given some fangled name.

For me yoga encompasses all things. The chanting, the meditation, the nidra and the breathing.

It’s not ok to drop in sanskrit dooberries ( I quote Miranda) IF you’re not reminding people how to breathe and I say remind because the majority of us already know how to breathe from the minute we are born, we’ve just forgotten due to life’s circumstances and conditioning that gets in our way. Breathing is one of the first things we screw up when we get stressed, put it right and continue to put it right and many of your issues will be over.

I know this first hand and I know this from working with seriously ill addicts and people with mental illness, similar to experiences I have been through. If it supports them it can support virtually anyone.

I teach intimate classes and I have been left in rooms with suicidal children and adults and have the ability to take them into deep inner awareness because I choose to give them real. I give them time and I give them years of experience where I too have walked down my own mucky path to be the teacher I desire to be for others.

Silent Moon Imaginarium

I have the same inner ethic when creating with nature and being the vessel for Silent Moon and her offerings.

Standing in your authentic truth is often a struggle and a challenge but once you commit to the journey it becomes a tougher road to turn back and it’s just not something that you can do unless you want to create twice as much work and I told you so’s for yourself.

Everything I create through natures guidance is devised by my own fair hand. The imagination, the intuition the love, open heart and experience making is a product of nature and I combined together as yoga, the union and the one connection.

On purchasing you will uncover your own magical Moon and Earth stories which will lead you onto the next step of your journey.

Try to honour and value those who cross your path, from your heart to their heart, with soul.

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