No Green Smoothie…..

No Green Smoothie is going to bring you happiness if you don’t spend time looking within…

The body will accumulate dis-ease and tension over time if  you don’t look at shifting negative patterns. That’s a fact. To put it bluntly, no green smoothie or salt bath is going to change that for you, even if you want to believe it. You just have to put the work in. You can certainly go for a massage, a coffee with a friend, a run on a beach, whatever floats your boat, but if you don’t put the work in and sit, really sit with your patterns and limiting beliefs then I hate to tell you NOTHING is going to change. 

There isn’t anything outside of your being that will save you. Only you can save you. Out side influences can and will support you for sure but unless your own internal work is a full blown commitment to your journey forward then no life coach, flower elixir, yoga training, psychotherapist can sprinkle you with glittery star dust and perform the magic, the magic is in YOU, in your great spirit and this will become apparent when you start to create the change and when you start to create the change you will see life transforming before your very eyes. It’s the truth.

I know because I’ve experienced it…..

Where we place limitations in our life may be something conscious or un conscious, right now that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we add those limitations as part of a self sabotaging behaviour that we may be running consciously or unconsciously as a pattern or habit. Wherever we place are awareness gets our attention, positive or negative and the mind doesn’t know the difference between living an experience or thinking an experience.

I want to bring this to the surface because this particular post comes during the time where we are just about to complete our in breath with the private facebook Lilac Flower Elixir support group  and although every group brings its own individual and collective experience, lilac has broken us down big time. Lilac has taken us to a deep core place as women. It has made us look at not just our own self sabotaging patterns but also our own projections in regard to our connections with others in and out side the group. It has made us look at boundaries and how we can honour those with respect. New moon brings a time for renewal and as we begin our journey towards the new season look at what you have learnt during the summer months that can honestly, with integrity stimulate your growth. Pat yourself on the back because you have done good work. I know because I have seen it and I have felt it all around you.

How do I change?

One simple answer to change is the word meditation. This is the beginning of change when you can start to connect with a regular daily practice. By doing this you will be able to function in a way the allows you to see your own behaviours very clearly and then make the change. For example if you are someone who is always judging other people you will eventually begin to see this as a negative behavioural pattern and have the wisdom within to stop the words before they come out of your mouth, or stop the thought patterns before they begin. However this takes time and you have to be aware of this. The fix is not quick and it takes regular commitment. This can often be the beginning of the end for many people because they are not seeing the immediate benefits and results they want to see. Remember it’s taken you years to create and grow such habits, it’s may take time and patients to kick them and you will.

A seed doesn’t grow in a day without water. So if you truly want to move forward and you know more than anything you can’t live the way you are living. That you need to change your life for the better, so you can live as the more authentic you then this is the time where you may choose to seek support. Support provides accountable for your actions. Don’t waste your time or money on support if you know you’re not going to put the work into making the change.

One:One work is something I do a lot for people because it keeps everything focused on their needs as an individual. It gives them time and space to be who they need to be, to really support them in making the changes for the better and of course it provides accountability.

You Create Your Own Reality….

Joseph Alai explains the teachings of Neville Goddard so well and that Everything is You Pushed Out

When you understand this then life becomes quite laughable, why? Because you begin to realise that you create your own reality and that everything starts with you and is created as a manifestation in your outside world. Basically your life is a film screen and you are playing the staring role and at any point in time, just by changing your way of thinking YOU can shift the outside world to benefit your greater good. Sounds so simple, well it is. However the trick lies in breaking the habits that you may have given quite a bit of time to over your life span. So it all comes down to meditation, watching and observing yourself and being conscious of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This doesn’t mean to say that you can’t feel angry, sad, miserable or frustrated at times, we’re all human. The question is what you do with those emotions and how long you stay there. Be mindful of stewing in them and sharing them as gossip with others. I used to be some one who would sit in my resentments for days, sometimes even weeks, I’m not afraid to say that because I know how much work I have done on myself. Every life experience causes me to grow. Now I can change emotions like that in just a few minutes. If they have got hold of me sometimes it may take longer, but the idea is that when you become the observer of the self you have the ability to be able to catch the emotion before it catches you and begins to manifest on your outside screen of consciousness. Yoga has supported me so much with this and I know how much it supports others too.

That said….

You can book your FREE 30 minute consultation HERE so we can talk openly and in more depth about what it is you are wanting support with. Until then have a wonderful new moon creating miracles

MoonLite Blessings

I x

‘ It is very important to remember you are home inside yourself ‘ – Lee Harris 


Deborah Mars
Aug 29, 2019 | Reply

Truly excellent and informative Blog Post. Thank you for sharing the Truth. I can say personally, that the combination of Meditation and 1:1 work with Indra, is absolutely the way to get your “work” done. I have been a Silent Moon Imaginarium Client, as well as working closely with her since close to the beginning of this Journey. Namaste Indra!

Aug 29, 2019 | Reply

Love you
Thank you

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