Letters To The Ex

Unspoken love stories

Concept and process:

Throughout the creation of this book, I have weaved a few of my own love experiences. Which in many ways will mirror your love experiences but with different players.

I believe that when we have loved so deeply that a part of our fragile heart leaves with the other and that there are many words unsaid within the leaving of this tender piece of ourselves. Words that are screaming to be spoken from within the core of our beings, but we bed them down in hope that one day they will fade into insignificance. In my experience, this doesn’t always happen. 

So my gift to you, whether you are male or female is for you to empower your life by taking a piece of your heart right back to where it belongs, that broken piece that left with the other. 

This is your time to have your voice heard, open your heart and empower your self by saying what you have never said to a partner that you have so deeply loved no matter what the circumstances.

I am reaching out for submissions in the form of a letter or poem that can be published in your name or anonymously. This may be a letter that has already been written and never sent or one you may care to create here in the now. Created with heart, created through feeling.

i x

Submitting Your Letter

*If you would kindly share your Name and Email address to accompany your Letter, I will use your email ONLY to contact you with an edited version for your approval before publication. You may use another name if you wish (anonymously) but I want to assure you that your Email address will NOT be added to an email list. I fully respect your privacy and your anonymity if that is your desire.