I understand why you are here.

I have created a space for people to come and work with me individually or as a community. Why? Because for years this was what I was looking for. I travelled the world searching for my Guru, desperate for someone outside of me to show me the way and it wasn’t until I finally came home that I was home. Realising that the Guru is me. I am my very own teacher, all I had to do was love and honour myself, easier said than done you may be thinking. This is the journey, my journey, your journey with many an adventure along the way. I am here to guide you and to remind you what you may have forgotten.

With over 25 years of Yoga and Meditation experience I have spent the majority of my life knowing who I am and knowing that there is more to life than what we see on an earthly level. My creations came about through my deeper connection with nature. Allowing myself to open to the forces around me and bathe in the richness of this gift of life.

Meditation along side natures healing medicine is what has held the key for me. To find the spaces between the thoughts when the world around me may be going a little bit crazy. To honour my boundaries with love and kindness and to respect my own needs as well as others.

It is then and only then we can begin to observe the power within our greatness and the deeper connections we share with humanity and the environment around us.

I dream my painting and I paint my dream – Vincent van Gogh


What is Silent Moon Imaginarium


Silent Moon Imaginarium is the creative Goddess and Wild One within us all, male or female. The watcher and all the aspects and cycles of the moon rolled into one, the one who glows from a magical place of enchantment. Shining there light on the world by acknowledging there truth and encouraging others to do the same. The imaginarium is a place devoted to the imagination the dream state and the love of all things mystical, wild and creative, a community for all to share in.

The Moon likes secrets and secret things. She let’s mysteries bleed into her shadows and leaves us to ask whether they originated from other worlds or from our own imagination – Charles de Lint