I understand why you are here.

I’ve been where you have been. I’ve spent numerous years wandering the world looking outside of myself for my teacher. Believing that my teacher was sitting on a throne somewhere in a quiet corner of planet earth waiting for me to turn up. As we all know this isn’t the case and it’s often a process that many of us have to go through to realise that the teacher is here at home sitting in the comfy arm chair. The teacher that’s here within us all waiting to be patiently acknowledged.

Ok sometimes not so patiently.

Why you can trust me

I come to you from my own rawness and I honour that side of you. I’m open, creative and accepting of what comes to the surface in you and I am straight talking. You can trust me because ‘ I am’ all this and from day one if you are prepared to take full responsibility for your journey you will get the best from me. It’s natural for us all to attract each other and reflect each other like mirrors. Your openness is my openness and your honesty is my honesty.

I have been described as having a knack for disrupting rigidity in groups and bringing lightness and humour to the group dynamic.

Are you my people?

The work I share with you is not only intense. It’s extreme ability to heal and allow you to see so much for yourself is a major part of the process.

Am I for you?

I will walk by your side honouring your choices. Showing you ways of how beneficial it is for you to know your own inner teacher. I will guide you, although ultimately it’s for you to take responsibility for yourself.

I dream my painting and I paint my dream – Vincent van Gogh


What is Silent Moon Imaginarium

Silent Moon Imaginarium is the creative and Wild One within us all, male or female. The watcher and all the aspects and cycles of the moon rolled into one, the one who glows from a magical place of enchantment. Shining their light on the world by acknowledging their truth and encouraging others to do the same. The imaginarium is a place devoted to the imagination the dream state and the love of all things mystical, wild, naturally healing and creative, a community for all to share in.

The Moon likes secrets and secret things. She let’s mysteries bleed into her shadows and leaves us to ask whether they originated from other worlds or from our own imagination – Charles de Lint