How Bluebell Elixir Heightened My Senses

Guest Blog from Nicola Swan,
Silent Moon Imaginarium customer, and Eternal Light healer

Intro from Indra:

I received this self-written case study in a beautiful email from Nicola, who has given me permission to publish it here. Nicola kept a journal of her experiences while taking my magical Bluebell Elixir and I loved how her words expressed the power and impact of the elixir, and she really got what Silent Moon is all about. Enjoy!

When it is time to get to the heart of the matter,
bluebell will tell you what you need to look at.
(be warned!)

I believe we are all drawn to what we need in life for the next natural step in our evolutionary process. As a healer, I am a seasoned user of Bach Flowers and Inner Child remedies. However, until recently I had never come across the concept of Moon Elixirs.

Well, a few weeks ago, on a spring walk in Richmond Park, I was reflecting on the remarkable power of the Bach flower remedies, and taking in the incredible beauty of the carpet of bluebells laid out before me. I began to wonder what the essence of bluebell might bring, if it were created. Well, I asked – and it was given! I was very soon to discover in a very real sense the answer to my question. I share my experiences here because if, like I had at first, you have any doubts about the power of the combination of Moon energy together with the magical essence of flowers, in the hands of a gifted alchemist such as Indra Singh – think again!

When I discovered through Silent Moon that the bluebell elixir had in fact already been created, I knew I was on to something. And so it was with a high degree of curiosity and conscious intent that I decided to discover its secrets. I kept a diary of my experiences and the synchronicities, as I know that unless such things are recorded their value can easily be lost or forgotten.


The day I began with Bluebell Elixir, I was already feeling somewhat edgy. You know that ‘ irritable for no reason’ feeling you sometimes get? Within 20 minutes of dropping the elixir on my tongue – I was cooked! The tears came.

Such a well of painful feelings I hadn’t even realised were there! I should explain that I am generally a fairly joyful person, so dissolving into tears is not an everyday occurrence for me. Yet I welcome it, as I know the value of really allowing our emotions to surface. For me, what it showed was that I was ready for a big release – and bluebell was exactly the catalyst I needed to make that happen.

And this was some pretty deep and dense shadow stuff, I can tell you. I had been unconsciously ‘holding’ these feelings for a long time. Embracing our shadow side is possibly the most neglected aspect of healing work – especially those of us who like to think of ourselves as being on a spiritual path. Oh, how we all love the light! It is easy to forget that to really stand in our radiance, we absolutely cannot do so without first coming into wholeness by embracing our shadow, our Inner Child – those parts of ourselves that we have denied or kept hidden. And of course we needed to do that at some point. These are not easy emotions, nor are they pretty.

At some point in our journey – usually in childhood, we learned that it was not safe to express such ‘negative’ feelings. But it takes a lot of energy to hold it all in, and to do so is unsustainable. Eventually we will need to let go of this energy, by allowing it to surface and dissipate.

This is the beauty of flower essences, they lovingly allow us let go. In my case, in this particular process I was faced with long-held feelings of shame. The emotion of shame is about a black as it gets – that is to say, it has the lowest vibrational frequency of all the emotions. And we all have it buried somewhere deep in our psyche – until it comes up to be released.

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What I experienced with Bluebell may sound dramatic. It was! I confess I underestimated these moon essences. And just as you would expect from a compassionate teacher, she soon taught me some respect! In my years of using the Bach Flowers and Inner Child remedies (to great effect), I am in the habit of putting these directly on the tongue. With Silent Moon’s elixirs, for a gentler experience than I had on my first meeting with Bluebell, you may want to put it in a glass of water. ( Just letting you know..)

“As an Eternal Light healer I am used to working with subtle yet very powerful energies. I really should have known better. The fact that the energy is subtle by nature can sometimes suggest – to our conditioned minds – that they lack a certain va va voom! So, I just want it on record – there is no shortage va va voom here! Make no mistake, Silent moon elixirs are powerful healing remedies.”

Nicola's Dogs

I continued to take madam Bluebell for another 1-2 weeks and as I revisit my diary for that period I can see that, ‘it does what it says on the tin’. I really was connecting more with nature. I literally found myself seeking out secret hideaways in our local woods ( Ham Woods, by the way, is a little-known local treasure, if you live near Kingston). I would find a beautiful spot – here, for example with the dogs, Leo and Casper – and hunker down among the bluebells just savouring the sounds, smells and the sheer beauty of the place. All my senses were heightened. Synchronicities in my life increased. On one or two occasions, sipping the ( now in water) elixir, I noticed even my tongue being more sensitive, as if seared by the new experience; and that ‘flashy flashy’ sense of lights going off in my head that I sometimes get when my soul is saying ‘Yes!’ to a particular idea or experience – it is a reassuring sign for me that I am in alignment.

“There is so much that was revealed to me in those 2 weeks of Bluebell wisdom. It was all very personal to me and not really of general interest, except to say that, if you are drawn to Silent Moon’s bluebell elixir, make no mistake: she is direct, powerful and wise! The exact nature of my shadow issues were made very clear to me, and where forgiveness was needed. My love for Gaia deepened, and I learned not to underestimate what is possible when the power of the moon and the magic of flower essences are brought together in the hands of a gifted alchemist such as Indra Singh.”

Finally, there is one last thing to know. She doesn’t brag about this – Silent Moon is just that – but when Indra receives your order, not only does she wrap everything she sends you in an abundance of love, as evidenced in the many adorable touches in the packaging of her offerings, but the elixir itself is bespoke. Indra tunes in to your particular energy and, if needed, adds whatever she is guided to add, to complete your experience. I was very touched to learn that, in my case, there was an element ‘mermaid energy’. Now, I don’t know how that translates in a practical sense.

What I can tell you is that there was a lot of watery and beautiful energy about in those two weeks. My favourite example of this was the discovery, through a story, that among the many magical powers of dolphins, is their expertise as natural midwives (for us!). The story tells of this discovery by a Russian pioneer of natural childbirth, who took a woman into the Black Sea to give birth, only to be literally pushed out of the way by a couple of dolphins who then took over the proceedings.

For the woman concerned, the experience of giving birth this way was both euphoric and free of any pain. Natural birth is a subject close to my heart and to find out that dolphins offer their very own brand of pain relief is both amazing and inspiring. I never cease to be awed by the abundance of gifts and blessings showered upon us from both Heaven and Earth. We humans – loved and cherished as we most certainly are – are continually supported and guided on our sacred Earth Walk by beings of Light and Mother Earth herself.

Blessed be!

About The Author

Nicola Swan, Eternal Light Healer

Nicola has 20 years experience in healing and massage. She discovered her natural gift for body work in her teens and, later, as a young mother, she trained formally in anatomy, physiology and massage. In 2014 Nicola become a registered teacher of Gaia Healing. She is available for 1:1 healing sessions and Gaia Healing workshops

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