Full Moon Ritual Blessings

Find out this months Full Moon focus

This Full Moon holds the energy of Solution.

It’s a time when you may experience a surprise or an unexpected change of circumstances that may turn opinion in your favour and without sounding too much like Mystic Meg, energetically this may be something you want to bring to your attention for the next three days or so while the moon is in the fullest phase. 

How can you grow?

So valuing this time, making the most of this energy. What are the questions you could be asking yourself to support your future growth?

  • Is there some area in my life where I would like to make a greater change?
  • If change is something I find difficult to work with, (even though it’s the only constant in life) what support or practice could I put into place to start to honour the changes in my life right now?
  • I am keeping doors open that need to be closed?
  • What is my body telling me? Where do I feel the feeling within me?

Let’s keep it simple

One thing I have noticed with many people whether they are beginning on their transformational  journey OR they have been travelling the road for numerous years is that we don’t like complication. Simplicity and creativity are two of the major keys when doing inner work. If practices become too complicated we switch off and tell ourselves that they are just not working.

  1. To get results things don’t need to be complicated
  2. Creativity makes things fun. Especially if you have the ability to put a personal slant on it. Something I encourage HERE with my FREE Six Magical Moon Ritual.

You will receive all you need to create a template for your rituals, all you have to do is add to it. If you wish.

How can I move forward and grow further?

Self growth is an evolutionary process and once we are on the path it can be tough to go back to who we were and why would we want to? Here is where I can help you further. Like nurturing a flower elixir from seed to bottle, us humans aren’t so different.

  • Do you have a specific issue you need support with?
  • Do you want to brainstorm a few ideas that have been spinning around in your head for a while now and put them into some order?

I am here to help ……

If you are in need of support with any changes in your life and need to work out a solution, or make a decision. Then you can book your FREE 30 minute consultation and together we can work out the best way forward. 

So this Full Moon do something different for yourself and make a change for your greater good. Make the decisions you need for you and begin to forge a new path forward.

MoonLite Blessings

i x

Embodying Your Moon Spirit Course

The above course gives you clear meditative instructions on how to work through the specific phases of the moon. Use this practice to create your own regular moon ritual.


‘ You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible’ – Deepak Chopra

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