Flower Shower

The intensity of working with the flower energy requires me to be a clear channel so that their purest message can flow through me without any disturbance, without any personal involvement from me and my story.

I love the saying ‘get out of your own way’ because that is exactly what this line of creation requires me to do so that in my best possible human way I can relay the healing message from the flower to you. I’m the conduit, the vessel the go between so to speak.

It’s important to me that I honour this and before alchemising any elixir I acknowledge the environment. I take a walk in bare feet where possible, I speak to nature herself with gratitude and appreciation. I am then lead to the perfect spot for creation of the elixir and then I must clear and clean me. Not just through meditation but through a flower shower.

I collect as many flowers and weeds that are prepared to come and support the work of the new elixir and like the moonlite water (that I explain about in the six magical moon rituals) I leave it over night and cleanse naked with the water the next morning, whatever the weather.

This particular practice I completed over three days because while in Avalon I created three very different elixirs. This morning ritual is life giving, invigorating and worth a try; especially if you love connecting with nature on a deeper level.

Don’t mind what the neighbours say.


I x


Gypsy of Avalon (Two)

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