These Feet were made for Loving

Feet….. A form of wondrous expression.


Because feet get such a bad press yet they do so much for us.

So here, you see above the Wild Ones shedding their socks and offering their feet to me specifically for this post. I better make it a good one…


How many people moan about their feet?

How many people won’t even take off their shoes due to foot hatred?

How many people have foot envy?

Foot fetishes?




Ok so here I am admitting that I used to have a serious foot issue (see front right of picture) because one person in my life used to take the piss out of my right toe. He will know who he is when he reads this post. Honestly he is one of my favourite people in the world so I hold no grudges.

It was during a vulnerable time in my life. During a time when I felt overly self conscious so it could have been any part of my body and I would have taken offence.

However, I know this sounds strange but recently I have come across more people who have issues with their feet. Is this a growing epidemic?

I’m here to spread some basic foot love….


If you didn’t have your feet you wouldn’t be able to walk or balance and there are people out there who can second that.

Without your feet where would you go? Nowhere without effort.

How would you dance with full expression?


Foot problems represent fear of the future and not wanting to move forward. If you have an issue I have pulled out a Louise Hay affirmation for you to try. Say it regularly and see what happens. You have nothing to lose:

“I understand clearly and I am willing to change with the times. I am safe.”

Take some time to focus on your feet and give them love. Get a pedicure or a reflexology treatment. Shed your socks and try a walking meditation (if the weather is warm enough then outside is even better)

Yoga foot moves……

We bind are feet in socks and shoes for much of the year and I am always surprised when I teach yoga how many people can’t seem to create space between their toes. I teach quite a significant amount of foot yoga, to me it has always been a vital part of my own personal practice.

Try this:

Spread your toes and hold for 5 seconds, create space between each toe.
Feel the toes stretching, they will be glad of it.
Now take your fingers and link them between each toe, all the way down to the base of each toe.
You may feel this quite intensely, good.
Now move your fingers back and forward to stretch into each toe joint. I love this, it feels so stretchy and intense.

You may be one of those people whose little toes have curled themselves right under, make extra effort to stretch them out. This can be hereditary or usually it’s due to tight shoe wear and not enough time in bare feet and stretching the feet.

Same goes for bunions and a protruding big toe joint, this too is hereditary or due to the wrong foot wear. I have protruding big toe joints and I have never worn a bad fitting shoe in my life. Cleansing the gall bladder and liver can also help but this can be a long process. It can certainly help if you suffer from joint pain.

And did you know?

If you are a Pisces you are ruled by the feet.

So ….

Let me hear your foot stories below.

Make a point today of loving your feet. Grab some peppermint oil and massage them with love and tenderness.

Even better, let someone else do it for you.


“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

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